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Accession BioProject Description Samples Submitter Release Date
GVM000015 PRJCA000647 Genome analyses of a wild × domestic cross reveals genes associated with body size and plumage color of ducks 106 Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2018-01-01
GVM000014 PRJCA000666 Next-generation sequencing was applied to the collected gastric cancer samples, and the correlation between genomics alterations and clinical features was analyzed. Our project focus on the the specific molecular characteristics of gastric cancer and its clinical significance. 64 Sichuan University 2018-03-30
GVM000013 PRJCA000547 To determine the timing of duck domestication in China, as well as identify the genomic regions under selection during domestication 24 China Agricultural University, CAU 2019-10-17
GVM000001 2 Kunming Institute of Zoology 2017-06-10