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Accession BioProject Description Samples Submitter Release Date
GVM000054 PRJCA000438 The project's goal was to analysis the signature pattern of AA-UTUC and nonAA-UTUC Chinese female population. 135 Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2022-01-17
GVM000053 PRJCA002038 Population history of East Asian population is unclear due to insufficient investigation of whole-genome or genome-wide modern and ancient human data. Thus, high-density genetic markers are necessary to be obtained to explore the origin, migration and admixture history and precise medical diagnosis and disease diagnosis 84 Institute of Forensic Medicine 2022/12/31
GVM000051 PRJCA001956 Copy number variations(CNVS) identified from 31 Dazu Black Goat. The aim of this research is to find the variations associated whith liiter sizes. 31 Southwest University 2019-12-02
GVM000052 PRJCA001951 The Fangchenggang Area Male Health and Examination Survey was a population-based study conducted among noninstitutionalized Chinese men aging from 17 to 88 years old in Guangxi, which was designed to investigate the effects of environmental and genetic factors and their interaction with the development of age-related chronic diseases. 2018 Center for Genomic and Personalized Medicine 2019-11-29
GVM000050 PRJCA001863 To explore the origin, diversification, and expansion of human Y-chromosome haplogroup C2a-F1067, one of dominant paternal lineages of eatern Eurasian. 222 Xiamen University 2020-03-31
GVM000049 PRJCA001846 Ethiopia is considered as the main gateway for the introduction of livestock species including goat to the African continent. Ethiopian goats are characterized by their unique adaptive ability, different physical characteristics in terms of morphology, body size, coat colors, and other important traits. The comparative population genomic analysis provides useful genomic information associated with important traits. Our investigation contributes to deliver valuable genetic information and paves the way to design conservation strategy, breed management, genetic improvement, and utilization programs. 44 Institute of Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2021-01-30
GVM000048 PRJCA000509 The maize panel was clustered into three clear subpopulations, consisting of 224 inbred lines. Large variations of survive rate were observed in previous seedlings phenotypic assays.In this study, we focus on transcriptional regulation of gene expression in response to dehydration, with particular emphasis on controlling drought responsiveness of transcription regulatory network. The data may be an important bioinformatics or genetic resource for the genetic improvement of drought tolerance in maize. 627 China Agricultural University 2021-01-01
GVM000046 PRJCA000984 Dog 10K genomes project (dog10K) was sponsored by Yaping Zhang in KIZ, Robert Wayne in UCLA, and Elaine Ostrander in NIH in November 2015. The aim of the Dog10k is to coordinate the global effort on genome sequencing in dogs and build a comprehensive resource for the canine community. Some of our specific questions are oriented toward understanding the evolutionary history of dogs, genetic changes associated with domestication, and relationships of genetic changes to phenotype. We also have a goal to investigate loci involved in canine susceptibility to disease, particularly among certain breeds 1727 Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2021-09-01
GVM000044 PRJCA001321 a genome-wide selective sweep analysis in 31 Dazu black goats with extreme standard deviation in litter size within the third fetus to identify significant genomic regions and candidate genes with different analyses 31 Southwest University 2021-06-01
GVM000043 PRJCA001294 We sequenced ~250 samples for both swamp buffalo and river buffalo populations with 5-10x coverge depth. 230 University of Guangxi 2019-03-19