GVM Data Submission

Welcome to submit data to the GVM data portal.
GVM adopts a data submission system consistently deployed for all database resources in BIG Data Center, to accept, archive and manage VCF,HapMap files. Users should register first, enter the data submission system, and create BioProject (an overall description of a single research initiative) and BioSample (a description of biological source material) if needed.
Submissions should consist of VCF file(s) and metadata that describe sample(s), experiment(s), and analysis procedure that lead to variants and/or genotype call(s).
There are two ways to submit data to GVM:
If you have more than 10 BioSamples in a single submission, and prefer a batch submission, please select Offline Submission.

Offline Submission

● Download the GVM Submission Template, fill in the required items and send by email to gvm@big.ac.cn
● Upload your data files to your private account or directly to gvm@big.ac.cn
Offline submission is more suitable for variant data with large samples.

Online Submission             Login | Register

Deposit data into Genome Variation Map.

  Online submission is suitable for variant data with small samples.
More information can be found at FAQs.

Conversion of Genetic Variation Data to VCF

It is highly recommended to consult the VCF specification guidelines when converting data to VCF, in order to ensure that file(s) generated are valid, as it is a requirement for GVM data submission. Should manual conversion to VCF be necessary, we have provided a minimal VCF file template here; this may be useful for non-technical submitters, or submitters with only a very low number of variants to report. If you have data in a format other than VCF which cannot be converted to VCF, please contact gvm@big.ac.cn.