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Total 5 record(s) from hTFtarget

TF or target ensembl id: ENSG00000146648
attrs.symbol: EGFR
TF or target ensembl id: ENSG00000177885
attrs.alias: ASH|EGFRBP-GRB2|Grb3-3|MST084|MSTP084|NCKAP2
TF or target ensembl id: ELDR
description: EGFR long non-coding downstream RNA
TF or target ensembl id: ENSG00000224057
attrs.symbol: EGFR-AS1
description: EGFR antisense RNA 1
TF or target ensembl id: ENSG00000176435
attrs.alias: C14orf27|CEG1|EGFR-5