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taxonomy: Adlercreutzia
description: Helsinki, Finland), for his contributions to research on the effects of phyto-oestrogens on human health.
taxonomy: Anaerostipes caccae
description: Gr. n. kakkê, human ordure, feces: N.L. gen. n. caccae, of feces.
taxonomy: Arcobacter butzleri
description: microbiologist who was one of the first scientists to emphasize the importance of Campylobacter infections in humans.
taxonomy: Brachyspira aalborgi
description: biopsies containing the spirochete were taken from human diarrheic patients.
taxonomy: Campylobacter hominis
description: L. n. homo -inis, a human being, man, person; L. gen. n. hominis, of man, from which the bacterium was first isolated.
taxonomy: Chryseobacterium anthropi
description: Gr. n. anthropos, a human being; N.L. gen. n. anthropi, of a human being, since all, strains so far recovered are from human clinical specimens.
taxonomy: Cupriavidus pauculus
description: L. masc. adj. pauculus, rare, very few, to indicate that these strains only cause human infections sporadically.
taxonomy: Massilia consociata
description: L. part. fem. adj. consociata, associated; intended to mean that the organism was associated with a human clinical case.
taxonomy: Paenibacillus faecis
description: L. gen. n. faecis, from faeces, as the organism was found in human faeces.
taxonomy: Roseburia hominis
description: L. gen. n. hominis, of a human being, referring to human gut habitat.