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BIG Search is a scalable text search engine built based on ElasticSearch (a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene). It features cross-domain search and facilitates users to gain access to a wide range of biomedical data, not only from NGDC databases but also partner databases throughout the world.

e.g., PRJCA000126;SAMC000385;tp53;EGFR; human; KaKs_Calculator

1,040 records from 30 NGDC & Partner databases.

Database Records Number Description
iEKPD 323 Integrated annotations for Eukaryotic protein Kinases, protein Phosphatases & phosphoprotein-binding Domains
RMVar 258 RNA Modification associated variants database
circAltas 179 circAtlas 2.0
EKPD 109 Eukaryotic Kinase and Phosphatase Database
AnimalTFDB 70 AnimalTFDB is a comprehensive database including classification and annotation of genome-wide transcription factors
nucmap 16 A database of genome-wide nucleosome positioning map across species.
SEGreg 11 Database of specifically expressed genes and regulation
RhesusBase Genes 10
MethBank SRMs 9 Methbank, Single-base Resolution Methylomes (SRMs)
vcg 7 Virtual Chinese Genome Database is a dynamic genome database of Chinese population.
BioCode 5 Archive Bioinformatics Codes for Open Source Projects
DEG 5 Database of Essential Genes
EPSD 5 Eukaryotic Phosphorylation Site Database
hTFtarget 5 In this hTFtarget database, we collected comprehensive human TF ChIP-Seq data and customized an analysis workflow to identify reliable TF targets with taking epigenomic states into account
dbPAF 3 database of Phospho-sites in Animals and Fungi
lnCAR 3 lnCAR | A comprehensive resource for lncRNAs from Cancer Arrays
THANATOS 2 THe Autophagy, Necrosis, ApopTosis OrchestratorS
BBCancer 2 BBCancer: an expression atlas of blood-based biomarkers in the early diagnosis of cancers
CancerSEA 2 CancerSEA: a cancer single-cell state atlas
GenTree 2 GenTree, the time tree of genes along the evolutionary history
lncRNASNP2 2
Methbank CRMs 2 Methbank, Consensus Reference Methylomes (CRMs)
PLMD 2 Protein Lysine Modifications Database
PTMD 2 A database of human disease-associated post-translational modifications
Database Commons 1 Database Commons is a curated catalogue of biological databases, providing people with easy access to a comprehensive collection of publicly available biological databases encompassing different data types and spanning diverse organisms.
DiseaseEnhancer 1 DiseaseEnhancer: a resource of human disease-associated enhancer catalog.
EWAS Atlas 1 A knowledgebase of epigenome-wide association studies
EWAS Data Hub 1 A data hub of DNA methylation array data and metadata
EDK 1 Editome Disease Knowledgebase
miRNASNP-v3 1 miRNASNP-v3 is a comprehensive database for SNPs and disease-related variations in miRNAs and miRNA targets
Database Records Number Description

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