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Species: Arabidopsis thaliana (76)   Nicotiana sylvestris (1)   Nicotiana tabacum (4)   Nicotiana tomentosiformis (1)   Oryza sativa (7)   Physcomitrella patens (9)   Solanum lycopersicum (1)   Zea mays (2)   Zea mays subsp. mays (9)   Zea mays var. Sugar Buns (1)
Protein Families: Adenosine Deaminase (3)   MORF/RIP (8)   ORRM (6)   PPR (74)   Porphobilinogen Deaminase (1)   Protoporphyrinogen oxidase (1)   RNA Helicase (1)   TPR (1)   Trans-acting factor (3)   Transcription Factor (1)   Zinc Finger Protein (1)
Traits: Abiotic stress       Abscisic acid sensitivity       Chemical stress sensitivity       Days to germinate       Development       Disease resistance       Electron-transport chain inhibitor       Fertility       Flowering       Fruit ripening       Growth       Leaf color       Leaf morphology trait       Leaf size       Leaf temperature       NA       No effect       Plant height       Plant size       Root development       Seed development       Seed lethality       Seed size       Seedling cotyledon color       Seedling growth       Seedling lethality       Sugar dependence       Variegated leaf       Viability       Water stress
Editing Factors (100): AEF1   AHG11   CLB19   CREF7   CRR21   CRR22   CRR28   CRR4   DEK10   DEK36   DEK39   DOT4   DYW1   DYW2   ECB2   ECD1   ELI1   EMP5   EMP7   EMP9   HEMC   ISE2   LPA66   MEF1   MEF10   MEF11   MEF12   MEF13   MEF14   MEF18   MEF19   MEF20   MEF21   MEF22   MEF25   MEF26   MEF29   MEF3   MEF35   MEF7   MEF8   MEF8S   MEF9   MORF1   MORF2   MORF3   MORF4   MORF6   MORF8   MORF9   MPR25   NUWA   OCP3   OGR1   ORRM1   ORRM2   ORRM3   ORRM4   ORRM5   ORRM6   OsPPR6   OTP82   OTP84   OTP87   OZ1   p56   p70   p95   PDM2   PPME   PPO1   PpPPR_45   PpPPR_56   PpPPR_65   PpPPR_71   PpPPR_77   PpPPR_78   PpPPR_79   PpPPR_91   PpPPR_98   PPR2263   PPR596   QED1   RARE1   REME2   RF1A   SEL1   SLG1   SLO1   SLO2   SLO4   SMK1   SMK4   SMK6   TAD2   TAD3   TADA   WSP1   WTG1   YS1
Editing Factor Species Protein Family Subclass Trait #Edited Genes Organelle Edited Genes PMID
AEF1Arabidopsis thalianaPPREGrowth; Leaf color; Variegated leaf2Mitochondrion
AHG11Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+Abscisic acid sensitivity; Days to germinate1Mitochondrion
CLB19Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+Leaf color; Seedling lethality2Chloroplast
rpoA, clpP
CREF7Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNA2Chloroplast
ndhB, rpoA
CRR21Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+Electron-transport chain inhibitor1Chloroplast
CRR22Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWElectron-transport chain inhibitor3Chloroplast
ndhB, rpoB, ndhD
rpoB, ndhB, ndhD
CRR28Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWElectron-transport chain inhibitor2Chloroplast
ndhD, ndhB
CRR4Arabidopsis thaliana
Nicotiana sylvestris
Nicotiana tabacum
Nicotiana tomentosiformis
PPRE+Electron-transport chain inhibitor1Chloroplast
DEK10Zea mays subsp. maysPPRESeed development; Development2Mitochondrion
cox2, nad3
DEK36Arabidopsis thaliana
Zea mays subsp. mays
PPRE+Seed development; Seed lethality; Seedling lethality7Mitochondrion
nad3, ccmFN1, ccmFn, rps12, atp4, nad7, ccmFN2
DEK39Zea mays subsp. maysPPRESeed development; Seedling lethality1Mitochondrion
DOT4Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWLeaf color; Leaf morphology trait1Chloroplast
DYW1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect1Chloroplast
DYW2Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWSeed development37Mitochondrion
rps3, pseudo-rps14, atp6, ccmC, atp8, nad6, nad9, rpl5, nad3, rps12, matR, ccmFC, nad2, cox3, rps4, nad4L, rpl16, nad1, atp1, cox2, mttB, atp4, cob, nad4, nad5, nad7, ccmB
rpoC1, rpl23, atpF, atpH, clpP, rpoA, rps4, rps12, ndhD, ndhB, rpoB, ycf3
ECB2Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWLeaf color; Seedling cotyledon color; Seedling lethality6Chloroplast
rpoA, ndhG, rpoC1, petL, ndhF, accD
ECD1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWSeedling cotyledon color1Chloroplast
ELI1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect1Chloroplast
EMP5Oryza sativa
Zea mays subsp. mays
PPRDYWSeed development; Seedling growth7Mitochondrion
cox3, cob, atp6, rpl16, nad9, nad1, rps12
EMP7Zea mays subsp. maysPPRESeed lethality9Mitochondrion
nad1, rps4, matR, rpl16, rps12, rps3, ccmFN, rps13, ccmFC
EMP9Arabidopsis thaliana
Zea mays subsp. mays
PPRE+Growth; Seed development; Seed lethality; Seedling lethality; Root development5Mitochondrion
nad6, nad4L, nad1, rps4, ccmB
HEMCArabidopsis thalianaPorphobilinogen DeaminaseNASeedling cotyledon color10Chloroplast
ndhD, rpoC1, accD, clpP, petL, rps12, rpl23, ndhB, rpoA, ndhF
ISE2Arabidopsis thalianaRNA HelicaseNAVariegated leaf5Chloroplast
clpP, rpoB, rps14, petL, rpoA
LPA66Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWGrowth; Leaf color1Chloroplast
MEF1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect3Mitochondrion
nad2, nad7, rps4
MEF10Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWGrowth1Mitochondrion
MEF11Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWLeaf temperature; Water stress; Chemical stress sensitivity3Mitochondrion
cox3, ccmFN2, nad4
MEF12Arabidopsis thalianaPPRENo effect1Mitochondrion
MEF13Arabidopsis thalianaPPREGrowth6Mitochondrion
nad4, nad2, cox3, ccmFC, nad7, nad5
MEF14Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect1Mitochondrion
MEF18Arabidopsis thalianaPPRENo effect1Mitochondrion
MEF19Arabidopsis thalianaPPRENo effect1Mitochondrion
MEF20Arabidopsis thalianaPPRENo effect1Mitochondrion
MEF21Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+No effect1Mitochondrion
MEF22Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect1Mitochondrion
MEF25Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+No effect1Mitochondrion
MEF26Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNA2Mitochondrion
nad4, cox3
MEF29Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWDevelopment2Mitochondrion
nad5, cob
MEF3Arabidopsis thalianaPPRENA1Mitochondrion
MEF35Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWGrowth3Mitochondrion
nad4, cob, rpl16
MEF7Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWGrowth4Mitochondrion
nad4L, nad2, cob, ccmB
MEF8Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNA23Mitochondrion
nad9, pseudo-rps14, mttB, rps3, ccmC, rps12, nad5, atp4, nad7, cox2, cox3, atp8, ccmB, atp1, ccmFN1, ccmFC, rpl16, nad4, nad6, matR, rpl5, nad2, nad3
MEF8SArabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNA2Mitochondrion
nad6, nad5
MEF9Arabidopsis thalianaPPREGrowth; Flowering1Mitochondrion
MORF1Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNAViability19Mitochondrion
cox3, atp4, nad5, nad2, matR, rps3, ccmFN2, nad7, cox2, rpl5, atp9, nad6, ccmC, nad4, rps4, nad1, ccmB, mttB, ccmFC
MORF2Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNALeaf color18Chloroplast
ndhG, rpoA, matK, rpl23, atpF, petL, psbZ, psbE, clpP, ndhF, rpoB, rps14, ndhB, ndhD, rps12, psbF, accD
ndhD, ndhF, rps12, rpoB, clpP, rpoC1, ndhB, psbZ
MORF3Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNAGrowth17Mitochondrion
cob, ccmFN2, rps3, nad4L, ccmFN1, nad1, atp4, mttB, nad3, nad2, ccmB, ccmFC, rpl5, nad7, nad5, cox3, rps4
MORF4Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNANA1Mitochondrion
MORF6Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNANA1Mitochondrion
MORF8Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNAPlant height28Chloroplast
accD, petL, rpoC1, ndhF, rpoB, ndhB, rps12, ndhD
nad5, nad2, nad7, rpl2, rps3, rps12, rpl16, ccmFN2, nad3, cox2, ccmFN1, orf25, nad4L, rpl5, cob, rps4, matR, mttB, ccmB, ccmC, nad6
MORF9Arabidopsis thalianaMORF/RIPNALeaf color16Chloroplast
psbF, rps12, ndhG, rpoA, matK, atpF, rpl23, petL, psbZ, ndhF, rps14, accD, ndhD, clpP, rpoB, ndhB
MPR25Oryza sativaPPREGrowth; Leaf color1Mitochondrion
NUWAArabidopsis thalianaPPRPSeed development33Mitochondrion
atp8, nad9, nad4L, atp1, rpl5, nad2, cob, atp6, rps12, rps3, atp4, cox3, cox2, ccmB, nad6, ccmFC, nad7, nad1, mttB, ccmC, rpl16, matR, nad5, rps4, nad3, nad4
atpF, clpP, rpoA, ndhD, ndhB, rpl23, ycf3
OCP3Arabidopsis thalianaTranscription FactorNAElectron-transport chain inhibitor; Disease resistance2Chloroplast
ndhD, ndhB
OGR1Oryza sativaPPRDYWSeed size; Growth; Flowering; Fertility5Mitochondrion
ccmC, cox2, nad4, nad2, cox3
ORRM1Arabidopsis thaliana
Zea mays subsp. mays
Zea mays var. Sugar Buns
ORRMNALeaf color18Chloroplast
rpl2, rps12, clpP, atpA, rps8, petB, ndhG, rps14, rpoA, ndhA, ycf3, accD, rpoB, rpl20, ndhB, ndhD, rpoC2, matK
ORRM2Arabidopsis thalianaORRMNANo effect20Mitochondrion
rps12, nad6, rpl16, rps7, orf114, pseudo-rps14, nad9, cob, nad3, ccmC, nad2, mttB, ccmFC, nad5, rpl5, rps3, nad7, ccmB, nad4, rps4
ORRM3Arabidopsis thalianaORRMNANo effect24Mitochondrion
rps7, rpl5, rpl16, cob, orf240A, pseudo-rps14, atp1, nad2, nad5, ccmFC, nad6, nad9, rps4, nad1, cox2, rps12, orf114, ccmB, nad4, nad3, mttB, rps3, nad7, ccmC
ORRM4Arabidopsis thaliana
Solanum lycopersicum
ORRMNAGrowth; Flowering; Fruit ripening31Mitochondrion
nad2, nad6, atp8, atp4, sdh4, ccmFN1, nad4, rps7, nad4L, cob, nad5, orf114, cox2, orf240A, cox3, nad9, matR, rpl16, rps4, rpl2, ccmB, nad3, rpl5, rps12, ccmFN2, ccmFC, pseudo-rps14, nad7, rps3, ccmC, mttB
ORRM5Arabidopsis thalianaORRMNAGrowth; Flowering10Mitochondrion
nad7, nad5, nad4, atp1, ccmFN2, rps4, atp8, nad3, rps3, ccmB
ORRM6Arabidopsis thalianaORRMNAGrowth; Plant size; Leaf size; Leaf color; Electron-transport chain inhibitor2Chloroplast
psbF, accD
psbF, accD
OsPPR6Oryza sativaPPRDYWLeaf color; Seedling lethality1Chloroplast
OTP82Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect2Chloroplast
ndhG, ndhB
OTP84Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNA3Chloroplast
ndhB, ndhF, psbZ
OTP87Arabidopsis thalianaPPREPlant size; Growth; Development2Mitochondrion
atp1, nad7
OZ1Arabidopsis thalianaZinc Finger ProteinNALeaf color15Chloroplast
psbZ, clpP, rpl23, ndhF, petL, rpoB, psbF, rpoA, ndhD, matK, rpoC1, rps12, accD, ndhG, ndhB
p56Nicotiana tabacumTrans-acting factorNANA1Chloroplast
p70Nicotiana tabacumTrans-acting factorNANA1Chloroplast
p95Nicotiana tabacumTrans-acting factorNANA2Chloroplast
ndhF, ndhB
PDM2Arabidopsis thalianaPPRPGrowth; Development; Seedling cotyledon color; Variegated leaf5Chloroplast
ndhB, accD, ndhG, ndhF, ndhD
PPMEArabidopsis thalianaPPRPGrowth1Mitochondrion
PPO1Arabidopsis thalianaProtoporphyrinogen oxidaseNASeedling cotyledon color; Seedling lethality7Chloroplast
ndhG, rpl23, petL, ndhF, ndhB, ndhD, rpoC1
PpPPR_45Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth; Leaf color1Chloroplast
PpPPR_56Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth2Mitochondrion
nad3, nad4
PpPPR_65Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth1Mitochondrion
PpPPR_71Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth1Mitochondrion
PpPPR_77Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth2Mitochondrion
cox3, cox2
PpPPR_78Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth2Mitochondrion
cox1, rps14
PpPPR_79Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth1Mitochondrion
PpPPR_91Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWGrowth1Mitochondrion
PpPPR_98Physcomitrella patensPPRDYWNo effect1Mitochondrion
PPR2263Zea mays subsp. maysPPRDYWSeed development2Mitochondrion
cob, nad5
PPR596Arabidopsis thalianaPPRPGrowth; Flowering; Leaf morphology trait1Mitochondrion
QED1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWGrowth; Leaf color5Chloroplast
rpoB, matK, rps12, accD, ndhB
RARE1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNo effect1Chloroplast
REME2Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWNA2Mitochondrion
rps3, rps4
RF1AOryza sativaPPRPFertility2Mitochondrion
N-atp6, B-atp6
SEL1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRPLSLeaf color; Seedling lethality1Chloroplast
SLG1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+Growth; Development; Abiotic stress1Mitochondrion
SLO1Arabidopsis thalianaPPREGrowth; Development; Plant size2Mitochondrion
nad4, nad9
SLO2Arabidopsis thalianaPPRE+Growth; Development; Sugar dependence4Mitochondrion
nad4L, mttB, nad1, nad7
SLO4Arabidopsis thalianaPPREGrowth; Root development; Flowering1Mitochondrion
SMK1Oryza sativa
Zea mays subsp. mays
PPRESeed development; Seedling lethality1Mitochondrion
TAD2Arabidopsis thalianaAdenosine DeaminaseNAGrowth6Nucleus
tRNA-Ser(AGA), tRNA-Ala(AGC), tRNA-Arg(ACG), tRNA-Thr(AGT), tRNA-Leu(AAG), tRNA-Ile(AAT)
TAD3Arabidopsis thalianaAdenosine DeaminaseNAGrowth6Nucleus
tRNA-Thr(AGT), tRNA-Ile(AAT), tRNA-Arg(ACG), tRNA-Ser(AGA), tRNA-Leu(AAG), tRNA-Ala(AGC)
TADAArabidopsis thalianaAdenosine DeaminaseNAGrowth; Leaf color; Leaf morphology trait1Chloroplast
WSP1Oryza sativaMORF/RIPNALeaf color4Chloroplast
ndhD, rps14, ndhG, rpoB
WTG1Arabidopsis thalianaTPRNAPlant height; Leaf color; Leaf morphology trait2Chloroplast
ndhG, petL
YS1Arabidopsis thalianaPPRDYWLeaf color1Chloroplast
Editing Factor Species Protein Family Subclass Trait #Edited Genes Organelle Edited Genes PMID
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