National Genomics Data Center


The National Genomics Data Center is in collaboration with partner databases. If you are interested in building any collaboration with us or would like to become our partner, please feel free to contact us. Below is a list of our partner databases.

Database Name Description PMID Database Commons
AnimalTFDB Animal transcriptional factors database 30204897 View
CellMarker a manually curated resource of cell markers in human and mouse. 30289549 View
CGDB Circadian Gene database 27789706 View
circAtlas a novel class of RNAs with important biological implications 30893614 View
dbPAF Database of protein phospho-sites in human, animals and fungi 27010073 View
dbPPT Database of phospho-sites in plants 25534750 View
dbPSP Database of Phosphorylation Sites in Prokaryotes 25841437 View
DEG Database of essential genes 24243843 View
DoriC Database of replication origin 23093601 View
EKPD Eukaryotic Kinase and Phosphatase Database 24214991 View
GenTree the time tree of genes along the evolution history 30862647 View
hTFtarget Targets of human transcription factors and their prediction server
iEKPD integrated annotations for Eukaryotic protein Kinases, protein Phosphatases & phosphoprotein-binding Domains 30380109 View
iUUCD Integrated annotations for ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like conjugation database 29106644 View
LncRNADisease Database for long-non-coding RNA-associated diseases 23175614 View
lncRNASNP lncRNA and variants database of human and mouse 29077939 View
MiCroKitS Midbody, Centrosome, Kinetochore, Telomere and Spindle 25392421 View
PceRBase Plant competing endogenous RNA Database 28053167 View
PlantTFDB Plant Transcription Factor Database 27924042 View
PLMD Protein lysine modification database 28529077 View
PTMD Post translational modification database 30244175 View
RhesusBase Knowledgebase for the Monkey Research Community 22965133 View
SEGreg Specifically expressed genes and their regulations 29309507 View
THANATOS The Autophagy, Necrosis, ApopTosis Orchestrators 29157087 View
WERAM Eukaryotic Writers, Erasers and Readers protein of Histone Acetylation and Methylation system Database 27789692 View