Plant Senescence Resource

Dr. Susheng Gan's Lab - A website of Dr. Susheng Gan focused on plant senescence
Dr. Ulrike Zentgraf's Lab - A website of Dr. Ulrike Zentgraf focused on plant senescence
Dr. Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston's Lab - A website of Dr Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston focused on plant senescence
Center for Plant Aging Research - Prof. HongGil Nam’s center focused on plant senescence

Genome Resource

TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource
NASC - The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre
SIGnAL - A genetic road map to flowering plants
Phytozome - A website for comparative genomics of green plants
Gramene - A curated data resource for comparative genomics of grasses
Oryzabase - An integrated biological and genomic information database for rice
MaizeGDB - A database for biological and genomic information of maize
SoyBase - A database of integrated genetics and molecular biology information for soybean researchers
Genevestigator - A manually curated expression database
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information
1001 Genomes - A Catalog of Arabidopsis thaliana Genetic Variation
BIG Data Center - A biological databases by big data integration and value-added curation
PlantTFDB - A Plant Transcription Factor Database
SUBA - A SUBcellular location database for Arabidopsis protein
Arabidopsis Reactome - A curated knowledgebase of plant biological pathways
PGDD - A database of gene and genome duplication in plants
RGAP - The Rice Genome Annotation Project
Kitbase - A Fast-Neutron-Induced Kitaake Rice Mutant database
RMD - A Rice Mutant Database
EnsemblPlants - A genome-centric portal for plant species of scientific interest

Genome Editing Tools

CRISPR-P - A CRISPR/Cas9 tool for genome editing in plants
E-CRISP - A software tool to design of CRISPR constructs online
CRISPRdirect - A web server for selecting rational CRISPR/Cas targets from an input sequence
CHOPCHOP - A web tool for CRISPR- and TALEN-based genome editing
Cas-OFFinder - Searches for potential off-target sites in a given genome or user-defined sequences

Gene Expression Resource

GEO - A public functional genomics data repository, where users can find leaf senescence related high-throughput seqencing data

miRNA Resource

miRBase - A database of published miRNA sequences and annotations

Ortholog Resource

OrthoMCL DB - A database of ortholog groups of proteins from multiple genomes