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  • image:	Affenpinshcher(Monkey Terrier)

    Affenpinshcher(Monkey Terrier)

    iDog Breed Number:  CB1
    Web Source Name:  Affenpinscher  from AKC
    Common Name:  Affen,Affie,Monkey Dog
    9 associated diseases
  • image:	Afghan Hound

    Afghan Hound

    iDog Breed Number:  CB2
    Web Source Name:  Afghan Hound  from AKC
    21 associated diseases
    1 associated individual in DogSD
  • image:	Airedale Terrier

    Airedale Terrier

    iDog Breed Number:  CB3
    Web Source Name:  Airedale Terrier  from AKC
    Common Name:  Airedale;King of Terriers
    23 associated diseases
  • image:	Akita


    iDog Breed Number:  CB4
    Web Source Name:  Akita  from AKC
    30 associated diseases
  • image:	Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamute

    iDog Breed Number:  CB5
    Web Source Name:  Alaskan Malamute  from AKC
    Common Name:  Mal or Mally
    24 associated diseases
  • image:	American English Coonhound

    American English Coonhound

    iDog Breed Number:  CB6
    Web Source Name:  American English Coonhound  from AKC
  • image:	American Eskimo Dog

    American Eskimo Dog

    iDog Breed Number:  CB7
    Web Source Name:  American Eskimo Dog  from AKC
    Common Name:  Eskie
    1 associated disease
  • image:	American Foxhound

    American Foxhound

    iDog Breed Number:  CB8
    Web Source Name:  American Foxhound  from AKC
    Common Name:  Foxhound
    4 associated diseases
  • image:	American Hairless Terrier

    American Hairless Terrier

    iDog Breed Number:  CB9
    Web Source Name:  American Hairless Terrier  from AKC
    Common Name:  AHT
  • image:	American Leopard Hound

    American Leopard Hound

    iDog Breed Number:  CB10
    Web Source Name:  American Leopard Hound  from AKC
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