Scientific Name Secale cereale
Common Name Rye
Taxonomy ID 4550
Lineage cellular organisms > Viridiplantae > Streptophyta > Streptophytina > Embryophyta > Tracheophyta > Euphyllophyta > Spermatophyta > Magnoliophyta > Mesangiospermae > Liliopsida > Petrosaviidae > commelinids > Poales > Poaceae > BOP clade > Pooideae > Triticodae > Triticeae > Hordeinae > Secale
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Representative Assembly Rye_Lo7_WGS_contigs GCA_900079665.1 DNA

Secale cereale, rye, is an important grain crop of family Poaceae. It grows well under various environmental conditions. It is cold hardy and an important crop in central Europe. In bread making rye flour is combined with wheat flour for improved flavor and nutritional value of the bread. Triticale, a hybrid of rye and wheat, was developed to combine grain quality, productivity, and disease resistance of wheat with the vigor and hardiness of rye.It is a source of several genes conferring disease resistance and salt tolerance for crop plants. It is known to inhibit weed growth. It has a large genome size of about 9120 Mb. Whole genome sequencing has not been attempted in this plant though large scale ESTs are available. Several linkage maps are also available which are useful in the identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL).