Scientific Name Hevea brasiliensis
Common Name Rubber tree
Taxonomy ID 3981
Lineage cellular organisms > Viridiplantae > Streptophyta > Streptophytina > Embryophyta > Tracheophyta > Euphyllophyta > Spermatophyta > Magnoliophyta > Mesangiospermae > eudicotyledons > Gunneridae > Pentapetalae > rosids > fabids > Malpighiales > Euphorbiaceae > Crotonoideae > Micrandreae > Hevea
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Representative Assembly ASM165405v1 GCF_001654055.1 DNA

Hevea brasiliensis, the commercial source of latex, is another member of the family Euphorbiaceae that is vegetatively propagated. The top 4 countries producing rubber are Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Malaysia. Rubber tree is thought to be derived from an ancestral polyploid like Manihot esculenta, cassava. Its economic importance has prompted active investigations on the biological, biochemical, and molecular aspects of rubber biosynthesis.