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plant height (Trait)

A whole plant morphology trait (TO:0000398) which is the height of a whole plant (PO:0000003).;Plant height from the base to the top part (in reproductive stages to the top of the tassel).;Height of the plant i.e., the length from the soil surface to top main stem (not petioles and leaves) node;Length of the main stalk from the base of the stalk to the tip of the panicle.
Associations: 4316    Studies: 68

above ear plant height (Trait)

Above ear plant height (AEPH) was calculated by subtracting ear infructescence position (TO:0000683) from plant height (TO:0000207).
Associations: 63    Studies: 2

relative plant height (Trait)

It is a ratio of the plant height determined from a stressed plant to that grown in normal environment.
Associations: 46    Studies: 4

Os02g0811000 (Gene)

Symbol:  G1L6 Description:  DUF640 domain containing protein%2C ALOG domain-containing nuclear protein%2C Reguration of plant height%2C floral development and grain yield%2C Spikelet morphogenesis Genomic Location:  chr2:34687624-34689723
Associations: 1    Studies: 1