CRA003479 Information
Title: Genomic and transcriptomic raw data of sea cucumber from Yap trench
BioProject: PRJCA003789 / CRP002277
Release date: 2020-11-13
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Organism Platform Sample accession
CRX178352 D149 transcriptome Paelopatides Illumina NovaSeq 6000 SAMC256542
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR210989 D149 File: CRR210989_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR210989_r2.fq.gz
CRX178351 D152 genome Illumina Paelopatides Illumina HiSeq X Ten SAMC256541
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR210984 D152_61 File: CRR210984_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR210984_r2.fq.gz
CRR210985 D152_62 File: CRR210985_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR210985_r2.fq.gz
CRR210986 D152_63 File: CRR210986_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR210986_r2.fq.gz
CRR210987 D152_64 File: CRR210987_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR210987_r2.fq.gz
CRR210988 D152_65 File: CRR210988_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR210988_r2.fq.gz
CRX178350 D152 genome pacbio Paelopatides PacBio Sequel SAMC256541
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR210924 D152_1 File: CRR210924.bam
CRR210925 D152_2 File: CRR210925.bam
CRR210926 D152_3 File: CRR210926.bam
CRR210927 D152_4 File: CRR210927.bam
CRR210928 D152_5 File: CRR210928.bam
CRR210929 D152_6 File: CRR210929.bam
CRR210930 D152_7 File: CRR210930.bam
CRR210931 D152_8 File: CRR210931.bam
CRR210932 D152_9 File: CRR210932.bam
CRR210933 D152_10 File: CRR210933.bam
CRR210934 D152_11 File: CRR210934.bam
CRR210935 D152_12 File: CRR210935.bam
CRR210936 D152_13 File: CRR210936.bam
CRR210937 D152_14 File: CRR210937.bam
CRR210938 D152_15 File: CRR210938.bam
CRR210939 D152_16 File: CRR210939.bam
CRR210940 D152_17 File: CRR210940.bam
CRR210941 D152_18 File: CRR210941.bam
CRR210942 D152_19 File: CRR210942.bam
CRR210943 D152_20 File: CRR210943.bam
CRR210944 D152_21 File: CRR210944.bam
CRR210945 D152_22 File: CRR210945.bam
CRR210946 D152_23 File: CRR210946.bam
CRR210947 D152_24 File: CRR210947.bam
CRR210948 D152_25 File: CRR210948.bam
CRR210949 D152_26 File: CRR210949.bam
CRR210950 D152_27 File: CRR210950.bam
CRR210951 D152_28 File: CRR210951.bam
CRR210952 D152_29 File: CRR210952.bam
CRR210953 D152_30 File: CRR210953.bam
CRR210954 D152_31 File: CRR210954.bam
CRR210955 D152_32 File: CRR210955.bam
CRR210956 D152_33 File: CRR210956.bam
CRR210957 D152_34 File: CRR210957.bam
CRR210958 D152_35 File: CRR210958.bam
CRR210959 D152_36 File: CRR210959.bam
CRR210960 D152_37 File: CRR210960.bam
CRR210961 D152_38 File: CRR210961.bam
CRR210962 D152_39 File: CRR210962.bam
CRR210963 D152_40 File: CRR210963.bam
CRR210964 D152_41 File: CRR210964.bam
CRR210965 D152_42 File: CRR210965.bam
CRR210966 D152_43 File: CRR210966.bam
CRR210967 D152_44 File: CRR210967.bam
CRR210968 D152_45 File: CRR210968.bam
CRR210969 D152_46 File: CRR210969.bam
CRR210970 D152_47 File: CRR210970.bam
CRR210971 D152_48 File: CRR210971.bam
CRR210972 D152_49 File: CRR210972.bam
CRR210973 D152_50 File: CRR210973.bam
CRR210974 D152_51 File: CRR210974.bam
CRR210975 D152_52 File: CRR210975.bam
CRR210976 D152_53 File: CRR210976.bam
CRR210977 D152_54 File: CRR210977.bam
CRR210978 D152_55 File: CRR210978.bam
CRR210979 D152_56 File: CRR210979.bam
CRR210980 D152_57 File: CRR210980.bam
CRR210981 D152_58 File: CRR210981.bam
CRR210982 D152_59 File: CRR210982.bam
CRR210983 D152_60 File: CRR210983.bam
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Submitter:Guang Ming Shao (
Organizations:Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Date submitted:2020-10-30