Run Information
Accession Alias File type Date submitted Release date
CRR129071 PTH1-3-run1 fastq 2020-04-16 2020-04-19
Data Blocks
Archived file name File size(MB) Download
CRR129071_f1.fq.gz 1,992.67 MB
CRR129071_r2.fq.gz 2,086.91 MB
Experiment accession Library name Platform Strategy Source Selection Layout
CRX104488 Illumina HiSeq 2000 RNA-Seq TRANSCRIPTOMIC PolyA PAIRED
Sample accession Sample title
SAMC159791 RNA-seq of primary tree shrew 1 hepatocytes
Project accession Project title
PRJCA002538 Transcriptomic data of an immortalized hepatic cell line of the Chinese tree shrew