CRA002090 Information
Title: Flow-sorted chromosome sequencing data used for chromosome-level giant panda genome assembly
BioProject: PRJCA001903 / CRP001190
Release date: 2019-12-01
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample accession
CRX071925 Flow-sorted chromosome sequencing data of Ailuropoda melanoleuca:adult male Ailuropoda melanoleuca Illumina HiSeq X Ten SAMC113654
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR084598 giant panda_500bp_chr01 File: CRR084598_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084598_r2.fq.gz
CRR084599 giant panda_500bp_chr02 File: CRR084599_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084599_r2.fq.gz
CRR084600 giant panda_500bp_chr03 File: CRR084600_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084600_r2.fq.gz
CRR084601 giant panda_500bp_chr04 File: CRR084601_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084601_r2.fq.gz
CRR084602 giant panda_500bp_chr05 File: CRR084602_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084602_r2.fq.gz
CRR084603 giant panda_500bp_chr06 File: CRR084603_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084603_r2.fq.gz
CRR084604 giant panda_500bp_chr07 File: CRR084604_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084604_r2.fq.gz
CRR084605 giant panda_500bp_chr08 File: CRR084605_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084605_r2.fq.gz
CRR084606 giant panda_500bp_chr9X_1 File: CRR084606_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084606_r2.fq.gz
CRR084607 giant panda_500bp_chr9X_2 File: CRR084607_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084607_r2.fq.gz
CRR084608 giant panda_500bp_chr1011 File: CRR084608_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084608_r2.fq.gz
CRR084609 giant panda_500bp_chr12 File: CRR084609_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084609_r2.fq.gz
CRR084610 giant panda_500bp_chr13 File: CRR084610_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084610_r2.fq.gz
CRR084611 giant panda_500bp_chr14 File: CRR084611_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084611_r2.fq.gz
CRR084612 giant panda_500bp_chr15 File: CRR084612_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084612_r2.fq.gz
CRR084613 giant panda_500bp_chr16 File: CRR084613_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084613_r2.fq.gz
CRR084614 giant panda_500bp_chr17 File: CRR084614_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084614_r2.fq.gz
CRR084615 giant panda_500bp_chr18 File: CRR084615_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084615_r2.fq.gz
CRR084616 giant panda_500bp_chr19 File: CRR084616_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084616_r2.fq.gz
CRR084617 giant panda_500bp_chr20 File: CRR084617_f1.fq.gz
File: CRR084617_r2.fq.gz
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Submitter:Huizhong Fan (
Organizations:Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Date submitted:2019-11-12