Run Information
Accession Alias File type Date submitted Release date
CRR078256 SC2_rep2 fastq 2019-10-14 2019-10-22
Data Blocks
Archived file name File size Download
CRR078256_f1.fq.gz 1,917.82 MB
CRR078256_r2.fq.gz 1,938.99 MB
Experiment accession Library name Platform Strategy Source Selection Layout
CRX065827 Illumina HiSeq 2000 RNA-Seq GENOMIC PCR PAIRED
Sample accession Sample title
SAMC110606 Repeat 2st Sequencing results of the Illumina RNA-seq sequencing of Stipa capillacea after drought treatment
Project accession Project title
PRJCA001815 Illumina RNA-seq sequencing data of Stipa capillacea