Experiment information
Accession CRX064475
Organism Medicago truncatula
Title lyr4B3R9
BioProject PRJCA001130
BioSample SAMC110122
Platform Illumina NovaSeq 6000
Library name Construction protocol Strategy Source Selection Layout
DNA for each sample was extracted with FastDNA SPIN Kit (MP Biomedicals), sheared to approximately 300-500 bp using a Covaris S220 instrument. Then the libraries were constructed and sequenced on BGI-Seq500. WGS GENOMIC unspecified PAIRED
Processing Planned read length (bp) for mate 1: 150
Planned read length (bp) for mate 2: 150
Insert size (bp): 400
Release date2019-10-01
Run accession Release date Run data file information
File nameFile size (MB)
CRR075446 2019-10-01 R108B3R9_1.fq.gz
SubmitterYong-Xin Liu (woodcorpse@163.com)
OrganizationsInstitute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Date submitted2019-09-29