Experiment information
Accession CRX062217
Organism Zea mays subsp. mays
Title MU-Capture53
BioProject PRJCA001724
BioSample SAMC105926
Platform Illumina HiSeq 3000
Library name Construction protocol Strategy Source Selection Layout
Targeted capture from mixed samples was realized by GenoPlexs technology, that captures multiple target regions using a set of primer pairs and a single polymerase chain reaction. Targeted-Capture GENOMIC PCR PAIRED
Processing Planned read length (bp) for mate 1: 150
Planned read length (bp) for mate 2: 150
Insert size (bp): 300
Release date2019-09-10
Run accession Release date Run data file information
File nameFile size (MB)
CRR072878 2019-09-10 53T_R1.fastq.gz
SubmitterHai-Jun Liu (heroalone@qq.com)
OrganizationsHuazhong Agricultural University
Date submitted2019-09-08