Experiment information
Accession CRX061267
Organism Brassica rapa var. rapa
Title Rawdata of C4-3 of KTRG-B49(Brassica rapa var.rapa)
BioProject PRJCA001699
BioSample SAMC097219
Platform Illumina HiSeq 4000
Library name Construction protocol Strategy Source Selection Layout
KTRG--B49 samples were collected fromm plants under cold for 4 Clesius 1h,3h,6h,and -2 Clesius 2h ,-4 Clesius 1h,recovery 1day. RNA-Seq TRANSCRIPTOMIC PCR PAIRED
Processing Planned read length (bp) for mate 1: 150
Planned read length (bp) for mate 2: 150
Insert size (bp): 150
Release date2019-10-26
Run accession Release date Run data file information
File nameFile size (MB)
CRR071896 2019-10-26 B49-F4-1_L2_1.clean.fq.gz
Submitter丹妮 杨 (yangdanni@mail.kib.ac.cn)
OrganizationsKIB of UCAS
Date submitted2019-08-29