CRA000473 Information
Title: Multispecies of 16S rRNA and short-dun
BioProject: PRJCA000544 / CRP000344
Release date: 2019-09-07
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Organism Platform Sample accession
CRX019775 Multispecies 16S rRNA Ursus maritimus 454 GS FLX SAMC016602
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR021864 GPW1 File: CRR021864.gz
CRR021865 GPW3 File: CRR021865.gz
CRR021866 GPW4 File: CRR021866.gz
CRR021867 GPW5 File: CRR021867.gz
CRR021868 GPW2 File: CRR021868.gz
CRR021869 FE2 File: CRR021869.gz
CRR021870 FE3 File: CRR021870.gz
CRR021871 FE1 File: CRR021871.gz
CRR021872 PB1 File: CRR021872.gz
CRR021873 PB2 File: CRR021873.gz
CRR021874 PB3 File: CRR021874.gz
CRR021875 PB4 File: CRR021875.gz
CRR021876 RPW1 File: CRR021876.gz
CRR021877 RPW2 File: CRR021877.gz
CRR021878 RPW3 File: CRR021878.gz
CRR021879 RPW4 File: CRR021879.gz
CRR021880 GPC1 File: CRR021880.gz
CRR021881 GPC2 File: CRR021881.gz
CRR021882 GPC3 File: CRR021882.gz
CRR021883 GPC4 File: CRR021883.gz
CRR021884 GPC5 File: CRR021884.gz
CRR021885 RPC1 File: CRR021885.gz
CRR021886 RPC2 File: CRR021886.gz
CRR021887 RPC3 File: CRR021887.gz
CRR021888 RPC4 File: CRR021888.gz
CRX019774 Short-gun sequencing of RP Ailurus fulgens Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC016601
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR021739 RPW4 File: CRR021739_f1.gz
File: CRR021739_r2.gz
CRR021740 RPW2 File: CRR021740_f1.gz
File: CRR021740_r2.gz
CRR021741 RPW3 File: CRR021741_f1.gz
File: CRR021741_r2.gz
CRR021742 RPW1 File: CRR021742_f1.gz
File: CRR021742_r2.gz
CRX019763 Short-gun sequencing of GP Ailuropoda melanoleuca Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC016586
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR021734 GPW3 File: CRR021734_f1.gz
File: CRR021734_r2.gz
CRR021735 GPW1 File: CRR021735_f1.gz
File: CRR021735_r2.gz
CRR021736 GPW4 File: CRR021736_f1.gz
File: CRR021736_r2.gz
CRR021737 GPW5 File: CRR021737_f1.gz
File: CRR021737_r2.gz
CRR021738 GPW2 File: CRR021738_f1.gz
File: CRR021738_r2.gz
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Submitter:Xiao Wang (
Organizations:Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science
Date submitted:2017-09-07