CRA000199 Information
Title: CRA_199
BioProject: PRJCA000364 / CRP000199
Release date: 2018-08-28
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample accession
CRX011085 dhole genome Cuon alpinus Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC010683
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR012763 dhole_big_MP15k-1 File: CRD026624.gz
File: CRD026625.gz
CRR012764 dhole_big_MP15k-2 File: CRD026626.gz
File: CRD026627.gz
CRR012765 dhole_big_MP3k-1 File: CRD026628.gz
File: CRD026629.gz
CRR012766 dhole_big_MP3k-2 File: CRD026630.gz
File: CRD026631.gz
CRR012767 dhole_big_MP8k-3 File: CRD026632.gz
File: CRD026633.gz
CRR012769 dhole_big_MP8k-4 File: CRD026634.gz
File: CRD026635.gz
CRR012770 dhole_big_PE200 File: CRD026636.gz
File: CRD026637.gz
CRR012771 dhole_big_PE500 File: CRD026638.gz
File: CRD026639.gz
CRR012772 dhole_big_PE650 File: CRD026640.gz
File: CRD026641.gz
CRR012773 dhole_big_PE800 File: CRD026642.gz
File: CRD026643.gz
CRX011084 grey wolf genomes Canis lupus Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC010682
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR012775 wolf_bgi_MP10k File: CRD026644.gz
File: CRD026645.gz
CRR012776 wolf_bgi_MP10k-2 File: CRD026646.gz
File: CRD026647.gz
CRR012777 wolf_bgi_MP20k-1 File: CRD026648.gz
File: CRD026649.gz
CRR012778 wolf_bgi_MP20k-2 File: CRD026650.gz
File: CRD026651.gz
CRR012780 wolf_bgi_MP2k-1 File: CRD026652.gz
File: CRD026653.gz
CRR012781 wolf_bgi_MP2k-2 File: CRD026654.gz
File: CRD026656.gz
CRR012782 wolf_bgi_MP5k-1 File: CRD026655.gz
File: CRD026657.gz
CRR012783 wolf_bgi_MP5k-2 File: CRD026658.gz
File: CRD026659.gz
CRR012784 wolf_bgi_MP800-1 File: CRD026660.gz
File: CRD026661.gz
CRR012785 wolf_bgi_MP800-2 File: CRD026662.gz
File: CRD026663.gz
CRR012787 wolf_ynnu_PE170 File: CRD026664.gz
File: CRD026665.gz
CRR012788 wolf_ynnu_PE300 File: CRD026666.gz
File: CRD026667.gz
CRR012789 wolf_ynnu_PE400 File: CRD026668.gz
File: CRD026669.gz
CRR012790 wolf_ynnu_PE500 File: CRD026670.gz
File: CRD026671.gz
CRR012791 wolf_ynnu_PE600 File: CRD026672.gz
File: CRD026673.gz
CRR012792 wolf_ynnu_PE800 File: CRD026674.gz
File: CRD026675.gz
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Submitter:zhang shaojie (
Organizations:Kunming Institute of Zoology
Date submitted:2017-03-07