CRA000119 Information
Title: CRA_119
BioProject: PRJCA000256 / CRP000119
Release date: 2017-07-21
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Organism Platform Sample accession
CRX007305 RNA-Seq of Layer Chimpanzee Ch4 sample Pan troglodytes Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC006956
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR008300 Ch4S1 File: CRD017568.gz
CRR008301 Ch4S2 File: CRD017569.gz
CRR008302 Ch4S3 File: CRD017570.gz
CRR008303 Ch4S4 File: CRD017571.gz
CRR008304 Ch4S5 File: CRD017572.gz
CRR008305 Ch4S6 File: CRD017573.gz
CRR008306 Ch4S7 File: CRD017574.gz
CRR008307 Ch4S8 File: CRD017575.gz
CRR008308 Ch4S9 File: CRD017576.gz
CRR008309 Ch4S10 File: CRD017577.gz
CRR008310 Ch4S11 File: CRD017578.gz
CRR008311 Ch4S12 File: CRD017579.gz
CRR008312 Ch4S13 File: CRD017580.gz
CRR008313 Ch4S14 File: CRD017581.gz
CRR008314 Ch4S15 File: CRD017582.gz
CRR008315 Ch4S16 File: CRD017583.gz
CRR008316 Ch4S17 File: CRD017584.gz
CRR008317 Ch4S18 File: CRD017585.gz
CRX007304 RNA-Seq of Layer Chimpanzee Ch3 sample Pan troglodytes Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC006955
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR008282 Ch3S1 File: CRD017550.gz
CRR008283 Ch3S2 File: CRD017551.gz
CRR008284 Ch3S3 File: CRD017552.gz
CRR008285 Ch3S4 File: CRD017553.gz
CRR008286 Ch3S5 File: CRD017554.gz
CRR008287 Ch3S6 File: CRD017555.gz
CRR008288 Ch3S7 File: CRD017556.gz
CRR008289 Ch3S8 File: CRD017557.gz
CRR008290 Ch3S9 File: CRD017558.gz
CRR008291 Ch3S10 File: CRD017559.gz
CRR008292 Ch3S11 File: CRD017560.gz
CRR008293 Ch3S12 File: CRD017561.gz
CRR008294 Ch3S13 File: CRD017562.gz
CRR008295 Ch3S14 File: CRD017563.gz
CRR008296 Ch3S15 File: CRD017564.gz
CRR008297 Ch3S16 File: CRD017565.gz
CRR008298 Ch3S17 File: CRD017566.gz
CRR008299 Ch3S18 File: CRD017567.gz
CRX007303 RNA-Seq of Layer Chimpanzee Ch2 sample Pan troglodytes Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC006954
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR008264 Ch2S1 File: CRD017532.gz
CRR008265 Ch2S2 File: CRD017533.gz
CRR008266 Ch2S3 File: CRD017534.gz
CRR008267 Ch2S4 File: CRD017535.gz
CRR008268 Ch2S5 File: CRD017536.gz
CRR008269 Ch2S6 File: CRD017537.gz
CRR008270 Ch2S7 File: CRD017538.gz
CRR008271 Ch2S8 File: CRD017539.gz
CRR008272 Ch2S9 File: CRD017540.gz
CRR008273 Ch2S10 File: CRD017541.gz
CRR008274 Ch2S11 File: CRD017542.gz
CRR008275 Ch2S12 File: CRD017543.gz
CRR008276 Ch2S13 File: CRD017544.gz
CRR008277 Ch2S14 File: CRD017545.gz
CRR008278 Ch2S15 File: CRD017546.gz
CRR008279 Ch2S16 File: CRD017547.gz
CRR008280 Ch2S17 File: CRD017548.gz
CRR008281 Ch2S18 File: CRD017549.gz
CRX007302 RNA-Seq of Layer Chimpanzee Ch1 sample Pan troglodytes Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC006953
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR008246 Ch1S1 File: CRD017514.gz
CRR008247 Ch1S2 File: CRD017515.gz
CRR008248 Ch1S3 File: CRD017516.gz
CRR008249 Ch1S4 File: CRD017517.gz
CRR008250 Ch1S5 File: CRD017518.gz
CRR008251 Ch1S6 File: CRD017519.gz
CRR008252 Ch1S7 File: CRD017520.gz
CRR008253 Ch1S8 File: CRD017521.gz
CRR008254 Ch1S9 File: CRD017522.gz
CRR008255 Ch1S10 File: CRD017523.gz
CRR008256 Ch1S11 File: CRD017524.gz
CRR008257 Ch1S12 File: CRD017525.gz
CRR008258 Ch1S13 File: CRD017526.gz
CRR008259 Ch1S14 File: CRD017527.gz
CRR008260 Ch1S15 File: CRD017528.gz
CRR008261 Ch1S16 File: CRD017529.gz
CRR008262 Ch1S17 File: CRD017530.gz
CRR008263 Ch1S18 File: CRD017531.gz
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Submitter:Zhisong He (
Organizations:CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology
Date submitted:2016-07-21