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1 Emerging Microbes & Infections Transcriptomic characteristics of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in COVID-19 patients 2020-12 CRA002390 PRJCA002326
2 Plant Physiology Viral Perturbation of Alternative Splicing of a Host Transcript Benefits Infection 2020-11 CRA001815 PRJCA001567
3 Veterinary Medicine and Science Occurrence and characteristics of Escherichia coli mcr-1-like in rabbits in Shandong, China 2020-10 CRA002525 PRJCA002384
4 Nature Genetics Triticum population sequencing provides insights into wheat adaptation 2020-10 CRA001951 PRJCA001501
5 The Journal of Pathology Genome-wide mutation analysis in precancerous lesions of endometrial carcinoma 2020-10 HRA000352 PRJCA003541
6 Plant Biotechnology Journal The Celery Genome Sequence Reveals Sequential Paleo-Polyploidizations, Karyotype Evolution, and Resistance Gene Reduction in Apiales 2020-10 CRA001996
7 Cell Discovery The differential immune responses to COVID-19 in peripheral and lung revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing 2020-10 HRA000297 PRJCA003286
8 Nature Communications Single-cell transcriptomics identifies divergent developmental lineage trajectories during human pituitary development 2020-10 CRA003091 PRJCA003249
9 Cell Reports Dietary Emulsifiers Directly Impact Adherent-Invasive E. coli Gene Expression to Drive Chronic Intestinal Inflammation 2020-10 CRA003155
10 Cell Genomes of the Banyan Tree and Pollinator Wasp Provide Insights into Fig-Wasp Coevolution 2020-10 CRA001150 PRJCA002187
11 Plos One Comparative transcriptome analysis of flower bud transition and functional characterization of EjAGL17 involved in regulating floral initiation in loquat 2020-10 CRA003214 PRJCA003442
12 Journal of Translational Medicine Gut microbiota from coronary artery disease patients contributes to vascular dysfunction in mice by regulating bile acid metabolism and immune activation 2020-10 CRA002651 PRJCA002690
13 Nature Communications Chromatin accessibility landscape and regulatory network of high-altitude hypoxia adaptation 2020-10 CRA001013
14 Science Advances A quasi-paired cohort strategy reveals the impaired detoxifying function of microbes in the gut of autistic children 2020-10 CRA001746 PRJCA001532
15 International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Characterization of hemicelluloses in sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) culm during xylogenesis 2020-10 CRA002819 PRJCA002875
16 BMC Plant Biology Integration analysis of PacBio SMRT- and Illumina RNA-seq reveals candidate genes and pathway involved in selenium metabolism in hyperaccumulator Cardamine violifolia 2020-10 CRA002432 PRJCA002369
17 Journal of Hazardous Materials Physiological and molecular responses in halotolerant Dunaliella salina exposed to molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles 2020-10 CRA002183 PRJCA001977
18 Cancer Cell Single-Cell Multiomics Sequencing Reveals Prevalent Genomic Alterations in Tumor Stromal Cells of Human Colorectal Cancer 2020-10 HRA000201 PRJCA002627
19 Cell Death & Disease Mesenchymal stem cells alleviate LPS-induced acute lung injury by inhibiting the proinflammatory function of Ly6C+ CD8+ T cells 2020-10 CRA003097 PRJCA003241
20 Nucleic Acids Research METTL3 counteracts premature aging via m6A-dependent stabilization of MIS12 mRNA 2020-10 HRA000206 PRJCA002854
21 Journal of Human Genetics Phylogenetic analysis of the Y-chromosome haplogroup C2b-F1067, a dominant paternal lineage in Eastern Eurasia 2020-10 HRA000106 PRJCA002141
22 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Ancient genomes reveal tropical bovid species in the Tibetan Plateau contributed to the prevalence of hunting game until the late Neolithic 2020-10 CRA002649 PRJCA002681
23 Science Macroscopic somatic clonal expansion in morphologically normal human urothelium 2020-10 HRA000137 PRJCA001369
24 The Plant Journal The genomic architecture of the sex-determining region and sex-related metabolic variation in Ginkgo biloba 2020-10 CRA002039 PRJCA001681
25 The Plant Journal A phased genome based on single sperm sequencing reveals crossover pattern and complex relatedness in tea plants 2020-10 CRA002708 PRJCA002764
26 Plos One Transcriptome sequencing and screening of genes related to sex determination of Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim 2020-10 CRA002313 PRJCA002181
27 Plos One Global gene expression profile under low-temperature conditions in the brain of the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) 2020-09 CRA001859 PRJCA001614
28 Frontiers in Microbiology Effects of Peptide C12-OOWW-NH2 on Transcriptome and Cell Wall of the Postharvest Fungal Pathogen Penicillium digitatum 2020-09 CRA002894 PRJCA002940
29 Stem Cells Single-cell profiling of long noncoding RNAs and their cell lineage commitment roles via RNA-DNA-DNA triplex formation in mammary epithelium 2020-09 CRA002082 PRJCA001888
30 Clinical Cancer Research A pan-cancer clinical study of personalized neoantigen vaccine monotherapy in treating patients with various types of advanced solid tumors 2020-09 HRA000171 PRJCA002672
31 Planta Genome-wide transcriptome and proteome profiles indicate an active role of alternative splicing during de-etiolation of maize seedlings 2020-09 CRA001961 PRJCA001736
32 Frontiers in Microbiology Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing Improves Diagnosis of Osteoarticular Infections From Abscess Specimens: A Multicenter Retrospective Study 2020-09 HRA000256 PRJCA002882
33 EBioMedicine Clinical, immunological and virological characterization of COVID-19 patients that test re-positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR 2020-09 CRA002500 PRJCA002455
34 Journal of Hazardous Materials The effect of elevated pCO2 on cadmium resistance of a globally important diatom 2020-09 CRA001668 PRJCA001485
35 Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal BnaSNPDB: An interactive web portal for the efficient retrieval and analysis of SNPs among 1,007 rapeseed accessions 2020-09 CRA001854 PRJCA001611
36 The Journal of Biological Chemistry ERAD Deficiency Promotes Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Transcriptional Rewiring in Human Hepatic Cells 2020-09 CRA002460 PRJCA002400
37 Nature Metabolism Glis1 facilitates induction of pluripotency via an epigenome-metabolome-epigenome signalling cascade 2020-09 CRA002469 PRJCA002409
38 BMC Research Notes Genome resequencing data for Iranian local dogs and wolves 2020-09 CRA001324 PRJCA001183
39 BMC Plant Biology Comparative chloroplast genome analyses of Avena: insights into evolutionary dynamics and phylogeny 2020-09 CRA003107 PRJCA003205
40 Horticulture Research The Phoebe genome sheds light on the evolution of magnoliids 2020-09 CRA002192 PRJCA002001
41 Nature Communications Population sequencing enhances understanding of tea plant evolution 2020-09 CRA001279 PRJCA001158
42 Clinical Cancer Research The influence of immune heterogeneity on the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors in multifocal hepatocellular carcinomas 2020-09 HRA000176 PRJCA002739
43 Cell Large-Scale Comparative Analyses of Tick Genomes Elucidate Their Genetic Diversity and Vector Capacities 2020-09 CRA002715 PRJCA002242
44 BMC Plant Biology Comprehensive analysis of the Ppatg3 mutant reveals that autophagy plays important roles in gametophore senescence in Physcomitrella patens 2020-09 CRA002137 PRJCA001964
45 Nature Immunology Single-cell landscape of immunological responses in patients with COVID-19 2020-09 HRA000150 PRJCA002564
46 G3 Transcriptome Analysis of the Chicken Follicular Theca Cells with miR-135a-5p Suppressed 2020-09 CRA001745 PRJCA001535
47 Cell Research Single-cell transcriptomic analysis defines the interplay between tumor cells, viral infection, and the microenvironment in nasopharyngeal carcinoma 2020-09 HRA000087 PRJCA001868
48 Frontiers in Microbiology Transcriptomic Analysis of Under the Stress Condition Caused by L. Essential Oil via RNA Sequencing 2020-09 CRA002405 PRJCA002352
49 American Journal of Human Biology Paternal gene pool of Malays in Southeast Asia and its applications for the early expansion of Austronesians 2020-08 HRA000070 PRJCA001717
50 Science of the Total Environment Mitigating methane emission via annual biochar amendment pyrolyzed with rice straw from the same paddy field 2020-08 CRA002932
51 Frontiers in Genetics Single-Cell Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Six Subpopulations Reflecting Distinct Cellular Fates in Senescent Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts 2020-08 CRA002582 PRJCA002591
52 Protein & Cell A human circulating immune cell landscape in aging and COVID-19 2020-08 HRA000203
53 BMC Genomics Third-generation sequencing found LncRNA associated with heat shock protein response to heat stress in Populus qiongdaoensis seedlings 2020-08 CRA002185
54 Frontiers in Genetics RNA-Seq Analysis Reveals Hub Genes Involved in Chicken Intramuscular Fat and Abdominal Fat Deposition During Development 2020-08 CRA001334 PRJCA001192
55 Nature Communications MGMT genomic rearrangements contribute to chemotherapy resistance in gliomas 2020-08 HRA000073
56 Environmental Research Keystone taxa of water microbiome respond to environmental quality and predict water contamination 2020-08 CRA002376 PRJCA002290
57 Clinical Cancer Research Safety, Efficacy, and Biomarker Analysis of Toripalimab in Previously Treated Advanced Melanoma: Results of the POLARIS-01 Multicenter Phase II Trial 2020-08 HRA000121 PRJCA002283
58 Frontiers in Plant Science Transcriptome and Flavonoids Metabolomic Analysis Identifies Regulatory Networks and Hub Genes in Black and White Fruits of Lycium ruthenicum Murray 2020-08 CRA002484 PRJCA002427
59 Theranostics Identification of second primary tumors from lung metastases in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma using whole-exome sequencing 2020-08 HRA000254 PRJCA003069
60 Microbiological Research Environmental adaptation of the root microbiome in two rice ecotypes 2020-08 CRA002701 PRJCA002755
61 BMC Medicine Hypomethylation in HBV integration regions aids non-invasive surveillance to hepatocellular carcinoma by low-pass genome-wide bisulfite sequencing 2020-08 CRA001537 PRJCA001372
62 Nature Genetics Discovery of regulatory noncoding variants in individual cancer genomes by using cis-X 2020-08 HRA000096
63 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Therapeutic potential of a designed CSαβ peptide ID13 in Staphylococcus aureus-induced endometritis of mice 2020-08 CRA002331 PRJCA002196
64 Blood Smarca5 mediated epigenetic programming facilitates fetal HSPC development in vertebrates 2020-08 CRA001858 PRJCA001615
65 Genome Biology The asynchronous establishment of chromatin 3D architecture between in vitro fertilized and uniparental preimplantation pig embryos 2020-08 CRA002145
66 Cancer Research YTHDF1 promotes gastric carcinogenesis by controlling translation of FZD7 2020-08 CRA001261 PRJCA001120
67 Phytopathology Alpha-subunit of the Chloroplast ATP Synthase of Tomato Reinforces the Resistance to Grey Mold and Broad-spectrum Resistance in Transgenic Tobacco 2020-08 CRA002377 PRJCA002284
68 Clinical Cancer Research PD-1 Blockade in Chinese versus Western Patients with Melanoma 2020-08 HRA000121 PRJCA002283
69 Journal of Virology Identification of Common Deletions in the Spike Protein of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 2020-08 CRA002500 PRJCA002455
70 BMC Genetics Phenotypic and molecular marker analysis uncovers the genetic diversity of the grass Stenotaphrum secundatum 2020-08 CRA002158 PRJCA001973
71 Cell Pan-Genome of Wild and Cultivated Soybeans 2020-07 CRA002269
72 Cell Stem Cell Overcoming Autocrine FGF Signaling-Induced Heterogeneity in Naive Human ESCs Enables Modeling of Random X Chromosome Inactivation 2020-07 CRA002553 PRJCA002558
73 American journal of Human Biology Paternal origin of Tungusic-speaking populations: Insights from the updated phylogenetic tree of Y-chromosome haplogroup C2a-M86 2020-07 HRA000061
74 Frontiers in Plant Science Population Genomics Reveals Demographic History and Genomic Differentiation of Populus davidiana and Populus tremula 2020-07 CRA001683
75 Science of the Total Environment Biogeographic pattern of bacterioplanktonic community and potential function in the Yangtze River: Roles of abundant and rare taxa 2020-07 CRA002357 PRJCA002251
76 Science China Life Sciences Single-cell transcriptome analysis of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) associated gene ACE2 expression in normal and non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA) human male testes 2020-07 HRA000146 PRJCA002544
77 Journal of Experimental Botany Uncovering the role of a positive selection site of wax ester synthase/diacylglycerol acyltransferase in two closely related Stipa species in wax ester synthesis under drought stress 2020-07 CRA002018
78 Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine CRISPR/Cas9-mediated whole genomic wide knockout screening identifies mitochondrial ribosomal proteins involving in oxygen-glucose deprivation/reperfusion resistance 2020-07 CRA002630 PRJCA002625
79 Nature Communications Single-cell transcriptomic analysis in a mouse model deciphers cell transition states in the multistep development of esophageal cancer 2020-07 CRA002118
80 Protein & Cell Generation of a Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome monkey model by base editing 2020-07 CRA002684 PRJCA002134
81 Advanced Science Trajectory and Functional Analysis of PD-1 high CD4 + CD8 + T Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Single-Cell Cytometry and Transcriptome Sequencing 2020-07 CRA001276 PRJCA001154
82 Molecular Genetics and Genomics De novo genome assembly of a Han Chinese male and genome-wide detection of structural variants using Oxford Nanopore sequencing 2020-07 HRA000126 PRJCA002375
83 Genome Biology Mapping regulatory variants controlling gene expression in drought response and tolerance in maize 2020-07 CRA000334
84 Environmental Microbiome Correction to: Contrast diversity patterns and processes of microbial community assembly in a river-lake continuum across a catchment scale in northwestern China 2020-07 CRA001976 PRJCA001756
85 Science Ancient DNA indicates human population shifts and admixture in northern and southern China 2020-07 HRA000123 PRJCA002264
86 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics Identification of Key Genes for the Ultrahigh Yield of Rice Using Dynamic Cross-tissue Network Analysis 2020-07 CRA002804 PRJCA002833
87 Fish and Shellfish Immunology Administration of commensal Shewanella sp. MR-7 ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced intestine dysfunction in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.) 2020-07 CRA002243 PRJCA002088
88 Virology Journal Longitudinal transcriptomic characterization of viral genes in HSV-1 infected tree shrew trigeminal ganglia 2020-07 CRA001750 PRJCA001497
89 BMC genomics PacBio single molecule long-read sequencing provides insight into the complexity and diversity of the Pinctada fucata martensii transcriptome 2020-07 CRA002619 PRJCA002466
90 Advanced science SGCE Promotes Breast Cancer Stem Cells by Stabilizing EGFR 2020-07 CRA002079 PRJCA001886
91 Scientific Reports Degradome, small RNAs and transcriptome sequencing of a high-nicotine cultivated tobacco uncovers miRNA's function in nicotine biosynthesis 2020-07 CRA001801 PRJCA001566
92 Frontiers in Microbiology Microbiota in the Rhizosphere and Seed of Rice From China, With Reference to Their Transmission and Biogeography 2020-07 CRA002311 PRJCA002172
93 Nature Plants Transfer cells mediate nitrate uptake to control root nodule symbiosis 2020-07 CRA001389 PRJCA001232
94 Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science Metagenomic Profiling of Ocular Surface Microbiome Changes in Meibomian Gland Dysfunction 2020-07 CRA002809 PRJCA002217
95 BMC infectious diseases The geno-spatio analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in hot and cold spots of Guangxi, China 2020-07 CRA002230 PRJCA002021
96 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Genomic evidence for convergent evolution of gene clusters for momilactone biosynthesis in land plants 2020-06 CRA002073 PRJCA001833
97 New Phytologist A rare single nucleotide variant in Pm5e confers powdery mildew resistance in common wheat 2020-06 CRA001605 PRJCA001438
98 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics MicroRNAs Are Involved in Maize Immunity Against Fusarium verticillioides Ear Rot 2020-06 CRA001239 PRJCA001127
99 Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology New insights into the associations among feed efficiency, metabolizable efficiency traits and related QTL regions in broiler chickens 2020-06 CRA002454 PRJCA002345
100 Cell Host & Microbe Heightened Innate Immune Responses in the Respiratory Tract of COVID-19 Patients 2020-06 HRA000143 PRJCA002273
101 Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Key Genes and Genetic Interactions of Plant-Pathogen Functional Modules in Poplar Infected by Marssonina brunnea 2020-06 CRA001647 PRJCA001484
102 Science of the Total Environment Untreated swine wastes changed antibiotic resistance and microbial community in the soils and impacted abundances of antibiotic resistance genes in the vegetables 2020-06 CRA002369
103 Cell Discovery Immune cell profiling of COVID-19 patients in the recovery stage by single-cell sequencing 2020-06 CRA002497 PRJCA002413
104 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics Genome Assembly and Pathway Analysis of Edible Mushroom Agrocybe cylindracea 2020-06 CRA001724 PRJCA001518
105 Plant Biotechnology Journal Deciphering the high-quality genome sequence of coriander that causes controversial feelings 2020-06 CRA001654
106 Applied and Environmental Microbiology A Bottom-Up Approach To Develop a Synthetic Microbial Community Model: Application for Efficient Reduced-Salt Broad Bean Paste Fermentation 2020-06 CRA002477
107 Cell Stem Cell Overcoming Intrinsic H3K27me3 Imprinting Barriers Improves Post-implantation Development after Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer 2020-06 CRA002383 PRJCA002301
108 International Journal of Cancer The genomic profile of parathyroid carcinoma based on whole-genome sequencing 2020-06 HRA000152 PRJCA002551
109 Frontiers in Microbiology A New Alignment-Free Whole Metagenome Comparison Tool and Its Application on Gut Microbiomes of Wild Giant Pandas 2020-06 CRA000202
110 Water Research Characteristics of dissolved organic nitrogen in effluent from a biological nitrogen removal process using sludge alkaline fermentation liquid as an external carbon source 2020-06 CRA002406 PRJCA002350
111 Horticulture Research DNA methylome and transcriptome landscapes revealed differential characteristics of dioecious flowers in papaya 2020-06 CRA001995
112 Theoretical and Applied Genetics Identification of a genomic region controlling thermotolerance at flowering in maize using a combination of whole genomic re-sequencing and bulked segregant analysis 2020-06 CRA002322 PRJCA002190
113 Nature Communications Alterations of gut microbiota contribute to the progression of unruptured intracranial aneurysms 2020-06 CRA001504 PRJCA001337
114 Nature Communications ADNP promotes neural differentiation by modulating Wnt/β-catenin signaling 2020-06 CRA002148
115 Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine Transcriptomic landscape profiling of metformin-treated healthy mice: Implication for potential hypertension risk when prophylactically used 2020-06 CRA000359 PRJCA000497
116 Gene Proteomic identification and expression of oral apparatus constituents in cell regeneration of giant ciliate Stentor coeruleus (strain WHEL) 2020-06 CRA002381 PRJCA002289
117 Molecular Plant MicroTom Metabolic Network: Rewiring Tomato Metabolic Regulatory Network throughout the Growth Cycle 2020-06 CRA001712
118 Pathogens and Disease Transcriptome-based drug repositioning for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) 2020-06 HRA000143 PRJCA002273
119 Plant Direct Draft genomes of two outcrossing wild rice, Oryza rufipogon and O. longistaminata, reveal genomic features associated with mating‐system evolution 2020-06 CRA002617 PRJCA002637
120 Indoor Air Shotgun metagenomics of dust microbiome from flight deck and cabin in civil aviation aircraft 2020-06 CRA001904 PRJCA001670
121 Nature Communications The integrated genomic and epigenomic landscape of brainstem glioma 2020-06 HRA000092 PRJCA001899
122 Gut Dissecting transcriptional heterogeneity in primary gastric adenocarcinoma by single cell RNA sequencing 2020-06 HRA000051 PRJCA001551
123 Journal of Genetics and Genomics HPV-CCDC106 integration alters local chromosome architecture and hijacks an enhancer by three-dimensional genome structure remodeling in cervical cancer 2020-06 CRA001401 PRJCA001242
124 Frontiers in Genetics Third-Generation Sequencing Reveals LncRNA-Regulated HSP Genes in the Populus x canadensis Moench Heat Stress Response 2020-05 CRA002150
125 Journal of experimental botany The Class II KNOX transcription factors KNAT3 and KNAT7 synergistically regulate monolignol biosynthesis in Arabidopsis 2020-05 CRA002075 PRJCA001878
126 Cell Research Whole-genome sequencing of 508 patients identifies key molecular features associated with poor prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma 2020-05 HRA000021 PRJCA002760
127 BMC Medical Genetics Associations of mitochondrial DNA 3777-4679 region mutations with maternally inherited essential hypertensive subjects in China 2020-05 CRA002605 PRJCA002618
128 Molecular Eecology Resources A chromosome-scale genome assembly of Antheraea pernyi (Saturniidae, Lepidoptera) 2020-05 CRA002120 PRJCA001916
129 Journal of Molecular Cell Biology Landscape of genomic imprinting and its functions in the mouse mammary gland 2020-05 CRA001791
130 Genome Biology APEC: an accesson-based method for single-cell chromatin accessibility analysis 2020-05 CRA001267 PRJCA001133
131 BMC Genomics Multipathway synergy promotes testicular transition from growth to spermatogenesis in early-puberty goats 2020-05 CRA002191 PRJCA002010
132 Clinica Chimica Acta A novel mutation in xanthine dehydrogenase in a case with xanthinuria in Hunan province of China 2020-05 HRA000109 PRJCA002159
133 Infection, Genetics and Evolution Metagenomic analysis of relative abundance and diversity of bacterial microbiota in Bemisia tabaci infesting cotton crop in Pakistan 2020-05 CRA001092 PRJCA000968
134 Frontiers in Oncology The Genomic Characteristics of ALK Fusion Positive Tumors in Chinese NSCLC Patients 2020-05 HRA000138 PRJCA002482
135 Theranostics Aristolochic acid mutational signature defines the low-risk subtype in upper tract urothelial carcinoma 2020-05 HRA000029 PRJCA000438
136 Horticulture Research Chromosome-scale assembly of the Kandelia obovata genome 2020-05 CRA002395 PRJCA002330
137 Scientific Reports Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Associated with Bile Acid Metabolism in Neonatal Cholestasis Disease 2020-05 CRA001920 PRJCA001684
138 PloS One Genome-wide assessment of population structure and genetic diversity of Chinese Lou onion using specific length amplified fragment (SLAF) sequencing 2020-05 CRA002156 PRJCA001967
139 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics SinoDuplex: An Improved Duplex Sequencing Approach to Detect Low-frequency Variants in Plasma cfDNA Samples 2020-05 CRA001933 PRJCA001652
140 Nature Communications Somatic SF3B1 hotspot mutation in prolactinomas 2020-05 HRA000041 PRJCA001204
141 eLife The histone modification reader ZCWPW1 links histone methylation to PRDM9-induced double-strand break repair 2020-05 CRA002088 PRJCA001901
142 The Journal of Pathology Characteristics, dynamic changes, and prognostic significance of TCR repertoire profiling in patients with renal cell carcinoma 2020-05 HRA000049 PRJCA001465
143 Frontiers in microbiology Distinct Cell Transcriptomic Landscapes Upon Henipavirus Infections 2020-05 CRA002578 PRJCA002590
144 Annals of Human Biology Paternal heritage of the Han Chinese in Henan province (Central China): high diversity and evidence of in situ Neolithic expansions 2020-05 HRA000062 PRJCA001624
145 Genome Biology RNA structural dynamics regulate early embryogenesis through controlling transcriptome fate and function 2020-05 CRA001139 PRJCA001046
146 The Journal of Investigative Dermatology High Expression of ACE2 on Keratinocytes Reveals Skin as a Potential Target for SARS-CoV-2 2020-05 HRA000145 PRJCA002557
147 Developmental Cell OsNSUN2-Mediated 5-Methylcytosine mRNA Modification Enhances Rice Adaptation to High Temperature 2020-05 CRA001149 PRJCA001058
148 BMC Plant Biology Tree peony variegated flowers show a small insertion in the F3'H gene of the acyanic flower parts 2020-05 CRA000698 PRJCA000701
149 International Journal of Molecular Sciences MiMIF-2 Effector of Meloidogyne incognita Exhibited Enzyme Activities and Potential Roles in Plant Salicylic Acid Synthesis 2020-05 CRA002198 PRJCA002002
150 Science Advances From asymmetrical to balanced genomic diversification during rediploidization: Subgenomic evolution in allotetraploid fish 2020-05 CRA001423 PRJCA001234
151 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics CRISPR Screens Identify Essential Cell Growth Mediators in BRAF Inhibitor-resistant Melanoma 2020-05 CRA002184 PRJCA002011
152 PeerJ Post-transcriptional regulation of several biological processes involved in latex production in Hevea brasiliensis 2020-04 CRA001509 PRJCA001333
153 Nature A genomic and epigenomic atlas of prostate cancer in Asian populations 2020-04 HRA000099 PRJCA001124
154 The Science of the Total Environment Removal of malodorant skatole by two enriched microbial consortia: Performance, dynamic, function prediction and bacteria isolation 2020-04 CRA002104 PRJCA001919
155 Cell Death & Disease Decreased ZNF750 promotes angiogenesis in a paracrine manner via activating DANCR/miR-4707-3p/FOXC2 axis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma 2020-04 HRA000021 PRJCA002760
156 Frontiers in Immunology Identification of Specific Joint-Inflammatogenic Cell-Free DNA Molecules From Synovial Fluids of Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis 2020-04 CRA002467 PRJCA002388
157 BMC Genomics Construction of a high-density genetic map and mapping of growth related QTLs in the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) 2020-04 CRA001473
158 Theranostics Targeted sequencing reveals the mutational landscape responsible for sorafenib therapy in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma 2020-04 CRA001003 PRJCA000891
159 Nature Communications Chromatin architecture reorganization in murine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos 2020-04 CRA001431 PRJCA001255
160 Nature Communications Mapping the spreading routes of lymphatic metastases in human colorectal cancer 2020-04 HRA000130 PRJCA002408
161 Frontiers in Genetics Effect for Human Genomic Variation During the BMP4-Induced Conversion From Pluripotent Stem Cells to Trophoblast 2020-04 CRA002190 PRJCA001959
162 BMC Plant Biology Salicylic acid-primed defence response in octoploid strawberry 'Benihoppe' leaves induces resistance against Podosphaera aphanis through enhanced accumulation of proanthocyanidins and upregulation of pathogenesis-related genes 2020-04 CRA001964 PRJCA001734
163 Horticulture Research A high-quality genome provides insights into the new taxonomic status and genomic characteristics of Cladopus chinensis (Podostemaceae) 2020-04 CRA002215
164 Applied and Environmental Microbiology Analogous and Diverse Functions of APSES-Type Transcription Factors in the Morphogenesis of the Entomopathogenic Fungus Metarhizium rileyi 2020-04 CRA002312 PRJCA002177
165 Acta Physiologiae Plantarum Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals the responses of winter rye to cold stress 2020-04 CRA002224 PRJCA002061
166 BMC Genomics Genomic characterization of an emerging Enterobacteriaceae species: the first case of co-infection with a typical pathogen in a human patient 2020-04 CRA002037 PRJCA001829
167 Nature Medicine Safety and feasibility of CRISPR-edited T cells in patients with refractory non-small-cell lung cancer 2020-04 HRA000135 PRJCA002488
168 Nature Cell Biology RYBP/YAF2-PRC1 complexes and histone H1-dependent chromatin compaction mediate propagation of H2AK119ub1 during cell division 2020-04 CRA001837 PRJCA001594
169 Nature Genetics Stepwise selection on homeologous PRR genes controlling flowering and maturity during soybean domestication 2020-04 CRA000083
170 Frontiers in microbiology Effects of Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio on Growth, Intestinal Microbiota and Metabolome of Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) 2020-04 CRA002442 PRJCA002328
171 Journal of Experimental Botany Genome resequencing reveals demographic history and genetic architecture of seed salinity tolerance in Populus euphratica 2020-04 CRA002337 PRJCA002197
172 Horticulture research Transcriptome profiles reveal that gibberellin-related genes regulate weeping traits in crape myrtle 2020-04 CRA001957 PRJCA001728
173 Scientific Data The draft genome sequence of an upland wild rice species, Oryza granulata 2020-04 CRA001486 PRJCA001328
174 Clinical Infectious Diseases Genomic diversity of SARS-CoV-2 in Coronavirus Disease 2019 patients 2020-03 CRA002334 PRJCA002202
175 Genes Genome-Wide Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals a Regulatory Network of Oxidative Stress-Induced Flowering Signals Produced in Litchi Leaves 2020-03 CRA001770 PRJCA001541
176 Scientific Reports Genome survey of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata): Identification of genomic SSRs and demonstration of their utility in genetic diversity analysis 2020-03 CRA001775 PRJCA001495
177 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Divergent selection and genetic introgression shape the genome landscape of heterosis in hybrid rice 2020-03 CRA002327 PRJCA001768
178 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Enhances Stemness in the Mechanical Selection of Tumor-Repopulating Cells 2020-03 CRA001355 PRJCA000755
179 BMC Genomics Genome-wide analysis reveals molecular convergence underlying domestication in 7 bird and mammals 2020-03 CRA000005 PRJCA000093
180 Frontiers in Genetics Genomic and Transcriptomic Landscape of Tumor Clonal Evolution in Cholangiocarcinoma 2020-03 HRA000085 PRJCA001842
181 Environmental Research Biodegradation of skatole by Burkholderia sp. IDO3 and its successful bioaugmentation in activated sludge systems 2020-03 CRA002103
182 Frontiers in Microbiology The Relationships Between the Free-Living and Particle-Attached Bacterial Communities in Response to Elevated Eutrophication 2020-03 CRA002048 PRJCA001843
183 Tree Physiology Identification of a transcriptional regulatory module that reduces leaf temperature in poplar under heat stress 2020-03 CRA002026
184 Proceedings of the Royal Society B Ancient mitogenomes show plateau populations from last 5200 years partially contributed to present-day Tibetans 2020-03 HRA000117 PRJCA002243
185 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Repair characteristics and time-dependent effects in response to heavy-ion beam irradiation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a comparison with X-ray irradiation 2020-03 CRA002023 PRJCA001821
186 The FEBS Journal Qualitative Ras pathway signature for cetuximab therapy reveals resistant mechanism in colorectal cancer 2020-03 HRA000076 PRJCA001779
187 The New Phytologist The honeysuckle genome provides insight into the molecular mechanism of carotenoid metabolism underlying dynamic flower coloration 2020-03 CRA001975 PRJCA001719
188 Scientific Reports A new SNP genotyping technology Target SNP-seq and its application in genetic analysis of cucumber varieties 2020-03 CRA001490 PRJCA001331
189 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics Meta-analysis Reveals Potential Influence of Oxidative Stress on the Airway Microbiomes of Cystic Fibrosis Patients 2020-03 CRA000583 PRJCA000626
190 Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online Development of Microsatellite Markers for a Dioecious Herpetospermum pedunculosum (Cucurbitaceae) 2020-02 CRA002098 PRJCA001914
191 National Science Review Understanding divergent domestication traits from the whole-genome sequencing of swamp and river buffalo populations 2020-02 CRA001463
192 G3 Comparative Transcriptome Profiling Reveals Compatible and Incompatible Patterns of Potato Toward Phytophthora infestans 2020-02 CRA001418 PRJCA001264
193 The Plant Cell High-Throughput CRISPR/Cas9 Mutagenesis Streamlines Trait Gene Identification in Maize 2020-02 CRA001955 PRJCA001724
194 Frontiers in Plant Science The Genetic Architecture for Phenotypic Plasticity of the Rice Grain Ionome 2020-02 CRA000995
195 Science Advances Multi-omics characterization of molecular features of gastric cancer correlated with response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy 2020-02 CRA001903 PRJCA001620
196 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Semi-rational mutagenesis of an industrial Streptomyces fungicidicus strain for improved enduracidin productivity 2020-02 CRA001902 PRJCA001646
197 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Full-Length Transcriptome Assembly of Italian Ryegrass Root Integrated with RNA-Seq to Identify Genes in Response to Plant Cadmium Stress 2020-02 CRA001799 PRJCA001581
198 International Journal of Molecular Sciences NCAPG Dynamically Coordinates the Myogenesis of Fetal Bovine Tissue by Adjusting Chromatin Accessibility 2020-02 CRA002306 PRJCA002153
199 Science Advances Chromatin accessibility analysis reveals regulatory dynamics of developing human retina and hiPSC-derived retinal organoids 2020-02 CRA001280 PRJCA001143
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