About DogSD

Dog Genome SNP Database (DoGSD) is a data container for the variation information of dog/wolf genomes. It was designed and constructed as a SNPs detector and visualization tool to provide the research community a useful resource for the study of dog's population, evolution, phenotype and life habit. In the current version, DogSD contains 42 millions non-redundant SNPs retrieved from dbSNP (ver 146) and called from 127 individual samples.

Access Data


The BAM,Fastq and VCF files can be accessed via FTP


Data provider

The VCF,Fastq,BAM data provided by Yaping Zhang's Lab in Kunming Institute of Zoology (KIZ), Chinese Academic of Sciences (CAS).


Bai B, Zhao WM, Tang BX, et al.(2015)."DoGSD: the dog and wolf genome SNP database." Nucleic Acids Res 43:777-783.PMID:25404132