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Full name: Insect Sex Chromosome and Sex-Biased Genes Database
Description: Insect Sex Chromosome and Sex-Biased Genes Database ( InSexBase ) contains the chromosome-level data of 49 insect species, including 15 Z chromosomes, 5 W chromosomes, 2 Y chromosomes, 34 X chromosomes and Y-linked contigs of 4 insect species. It also has 123,030 sex chromosome genes and 42,488 sex-biased genes. InSexBase intends to provide a comprehensive platform of sex-related genome and gene resources in insects.
Year founded: 2020
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Country/Region: China
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University/Institution: Zhejiang University
Address: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Key Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Crop Pathogens and Insects & Key Laboratory of Biology of Crop Pathogens and Insects of Zhejiang Province, Institute of Insect Sciences, Zhejiang University, Yuhangtang Rd 866, Xihu District, Hanzghou, 310058, China.
City: Hangzhou
Country/Region: China
Contact name (PI/Team): Fei Li
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InSexBase: an annotated genomic resource of sex chromosomes and sex-biased genes in insects. [PMID: 33507270]
X I Chen, Yang Mei, Mengyao Chen, Dong Jing, Yumin He, Feiling Liu, Kang He, Fei Li

Sex determination and the regulation of sexual dimorphism are among the most fascinating topics in modern biology. As the most species-rich group of sexually reproducing organisms on Earth, insects have multiple sex determination systems. Though sex chromosomes and sex-biased genes are well-studied in dozens of insects, their gene sequences are scattered in various databases. Moreover, a shortage of annotation hinders the deep mining of these data. Here, we collected the chromosome-level sex chromosome data of 49 insect species, including 34 X chromosomes, 15 Z chromosomes, 5 W chromosomes and 2 Y chromosomes. We also obtained Y-linked contigs of four insects species-Anopheles gambiae, Drosophila innubila, Drosophila yakuba and Tribolium castaneum. The unannotated chromosome-level sex chromosomes were annotated using a standard pipeline, yielding a total of 123 030 protein-coding genes, 2 159 427 repeat sequences, 894 miRNAs, 1574 rRNAs, 5105 tRNAs, 395 snoRNAs (small nucleolar RNA), 54 snRNAs (small nuclear RNA) and 5959 other ncRNAs (non-coding RNA). In addition, 36 781 sex-biased genes were identified by analyzing 62 RNA-seq (RNA sequencing) datasets. Together with 5707 sex-biased genes from the Drosophila genus collected from the Sex-Associated Gene Database, we obtained a total of 42 488 sex-biased genes from 13 insect species. All these data were deposited into InSexBase, a new user-friendly database of insect sex chromosomes and sex-biased genes. Database URL:

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