Accession SAMC056977
Sample name A.13.21
Title 16S-seq subgingival - exp. gingivitis 6
Sample type Metagenome or environmental sample
Organisms Bacteria
Description Subgingival plaque
Isolation source
Collection date2017-03-21
Geographic locationYemen:Sanaa
Latitude and longitude15.37 N 44.19 E
Reference for biomaterial
Relationship to oxygen
Sample collection device or method
Sample material processing
Sample size
source material identifiers
Custom Attributes
Release date 2019-01-29
Accession PRJCA001223
Submitter Nezar  Al-hebshi  (
Organization Temple University
Submission date 2019-01-29

Sample Data

Resource name Description
GSA (1) -
CRA001406 Experimental gingivitis microbiome