Accession PRJCA002781
Title root-associated microbiomes of sorghum
Relevance Agricultural
Data types microorganism
Organisms Sorghum bicolor
Description we selected one high salt-tolerant variety and one salt-sensitive variety to examine the composition and variation in the root microbiota under salt stress to identify links between the root microbiota, sorghum population and salt stress tolerance.
Sample scope Synthetic
Release date 2020-12-31
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People National Key Technologies R&D Program 2019YFD1000703
Submitter Puyuan    Yang  (
Organization Hebei Agricultural University
Submission date 2020-06-03

Project Data

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CRA002879 Changes in the root-associated microbiomes of sorghum are driven by the combined effects of salt and sorghum development