Accession PRJCA001310
Title Transcriptome profiling in Herbaceous peony
Relevance Transcriptome
Data types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Paeonia lactiflora
Description Herbaceous peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.), a perennial flowering plant in the family Paeoniaceae species, is wildly cultivated mainly for medical and ornamental uses. We carried out a RNA-sequencing experiment to profile the transcriptome of flower buds and roots in PaeonialactifloraPall..
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2019-08-07
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
No funding support
Submitter Jun    Liu  (
Organization Institute of crop science, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences
Submission date 2019-03-03

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (18) -
SAMC088530 Plac_Shoots_GS_rep1
SAMC088547 Plac_Roots_XT_rep3
SAMC088546 Plac_Roots_XT_rep2
SAMC088545 Plac_Roots_XT_rep1
SAMC088544 Plac_Roots_PB_rep3
SAMC088543 Plac_Roots_PB_rep2
SAMC088542 Plac_Roots_PB_rep1
SAMC088541 Plac_Roots_GS_rep3
SAMC088540 Plac_Roots_GS_rep2
SAMC088539 Plac_Roots_GS_rep1
SAMC088538 Plac_Shoots_XT_rep3
SAMC088537 Plac_Shoots_XT_rep2
SAMC088536 Plac_Shoots_XT_rep1
SAMC088535 Plac_Shoots_PB_rep3
SAMC088534 Plac_Shoots_PB_rep2
SAMC088533 Plac_Shoots_PB_rep1
SAMC088532 Plac_Shoots_GS_rep3
SAMC088531 Plac_Shoots_GS_rep2
GSA (1) -
CRA001881 Transcriptome of Herbaceous Peony