Accession PRJCA000610
Title Chinese CRC WES
Relevance Medical
Data types Exome
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description 98 CRC tumor samples are sequenced by Illumina (40 samples) and Complete Genomics (58 samples) platforms respectively.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2018-05-29
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
29937994 The landscape of somatic mutation in sporadic Chinese colorectal cancer. Oncotarget 10.18632/oncotarget.25287 2018
Submitter Zhe    Liu  (
Organization Anzhen Hospital
Submission date 2017-10-27

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (196) -
SAMC018665 ILMN40N
SAMC018664 ILMN39N
SAMC018663 ILMN38N
SAMC018662 ILMN37N
SAMC018661 ILMN36N
SAMC018660 ILMN35N
SAMC018659 ILMN34N
SAMC018658 ILMN33N
SAMC018657 ILMN32N
SAMC018656 ILMN31N
SAMC018655 ILMN30N
SAMC018654 ILMN29N
SAMC018653 ILMN28N
SAMC018652 ILMN27N
SAMC018651 ILMN26N
SAMC018650 ILMN25N
SAMC018649 ILMN24N
SAMC018648 ILMN23N
SAMC018647 ILMN22N
SAMC018646 ILMN21N
SAMC018645 ILMN20N
SAMC018644 ILMN19N
SAMC018643 ILMN18N
SAMC018642 ILMN17N
SAMC018641 ILMN16N
SAMC018640 ILMN15N
SAMC018639 ILMN14N
SAMC018638 ILMN13N
SAMC018637 ILMN12N
SAMC018636 ILMN11N
SAMC018635 ILMN10N
SAMC018634 ILMN09N
SAMC018633 ILMN08N
SAMC018632 ILMN07N
SAMC018631 ILMN06N
SAMC018630 ILMN05N
SAMC018629 ILMN04N
SAMC018628 ILMN03N
SAMC018627 ILMN02N
SAMC018626 ILMN01N
SAMC018625 CG58N
SAMC018624 CG57N
SAMC018623 CG56N
SAMC018622 CG55N
SAMC018621 CG54N
SAMC018620 CG53N
SAMC018619 CG52N
SAMC018618 CG51N
SAMC018617 CG50N
SAMC018616 CG49N
SAMC018615 CG48N
SAMC018614 CG47N
SAMC018613 CG46N
SAMC018612 CG45N
SAMC018611 CG44N
SAMC018610 CG43N
SAMC018609 CG42N
SAMC018608 CG41N
SAMC018607 CG40N
SAMC018606 CG39N
SAMC018605 CG38N
SAMC018604 CG37N
SAMC018603 CG36N
SAMC018602 CG35N
SAMC018601 CG34N
SAMC018600 CG33N
SAMC018599 CG32N
SAMC018598 CG31N
SAMC018597 CG30N
SAMC018596 CG29N
SAMC018595 CG28N
SAMC018594 CG27N
SAMC018593 CG26N
SAMC018592 CG25N
SAMC018591 CG24N
SAMC018590 CG23N
SAMC018589 CG22N
SAMC018588 CG21N
SAMC018587 CG20N
SAMC018586 CG19N
SAMC018585 CG18N
SAMC018584 CG17N
SAMC018583 CG16N
SAMC018582 CG15N
SAMC018581 CG14N
SAMC018580 CG13N
SAMC018579 CG12N
SAMC018578 CG11N
SAMC018577 CG10N
SAMC018576 CG09N
SAMC018575 CG08N
SAMC018574 CG07N
SAMC018573 CG06N
SAMC018572 CG05N
SAMC018571 CG04N
SAMC018570 CG03N
SAMC018569 CG02N
SAMC018568 CG01N
SAMC018567 ILMN40T
SAMC018566 ILMN39T
SAMC018565 ILMN38T
SAMC018564 ILMN37T
SAMC018563 ILMN36T
SAMC018562 ILMN35T
SAMC018561 ILMN34T
SAMC018560 ILMN33T
SAMC018559 ILMN32T
SAMC018558 ILMN31T
SAMC018557 ILMN30T
SAMC018556 ILMN29T
SAMC018555 ILMN28T
SAMC018554 ILMN27T
SAMC018553 ILMN26T
SAMC018552 ILMN25T
SAMC018551 ILMN24T
SAMC018550 ILMN23T
SAMC018549 ILMN22T
SAMC018548 ILMN21T
SAMC018547 ILMN20T
SAMC018546 ILMN19T
SAMC018545 ILMN18T
SAMC018544 ILMN17T
SAMC018543 ILMN16T
SAMC018542 ILMN15T
SAMC018541 ILMN14T
SAMC018540 ILMN13T
SAMC018539 ILMN12T
SAMC018538 ILMN11T
SAMC018537 ILMN10T
SAMC018536 ILMN09T
SAMC018535 ILMN08T
SAMC018534 ILMN07T
SAMC018533 ILMN06T
SAMC018532 ILMN05T
SAMC018531 ILMN04T
SAMC018530 ILMN03T
SAMC018529 ILMN02T
SAMC018528 ILMN01T
SAMC018527 CG58T
SAMC018526 CG57T
SAMC018525 CG56T
SAMC018524 CG55T
SAMC018523 CG54T
SAMC018522 CG53T
SAMC018521 CG52T
SAMC018520 CG51T
SAMC018519 CG50T
SAMC018518 CG49T
SAMC018517 CG48T
SAMC018516 CG47T
SAMC018515 CG46T
SAMC018514 CG45T
SAMC018513 CG44T
SAMC018512 CG43T
SAMC018511 CG42T
SAMC018510 CG41T
SAMC018509 CG40T
SAMC018508 CG39T
SAMC018507 CG38T
SAMC018506 CG37T
SAMC018505 CG36T
SAMC018504 CG35T
SAMC018503 CG34T
SAMC018502 CG33T
SAMC018501 CG32T
SAMC018500 CG31T
SAMC018499 CG30T
SAMC018498 CG29T
SAMC018497 CG28T
SAMC018496 CG27T
SAMC018495 CG26T
SAMC018494 CG25T
SAMC018493 CG24T
SAMC018492 CG23T
SAMC018491 CG22T
SAMC018490 CG21T
SAMC018489 CG20T
SAMC018488 CG19T
SAMC018487 CG18T
SAMC018486 CG17T
SAMC018485 CG16T
SAMC018484 CG15T
SAMC018483 CG14T
SAMC018482 CG13T
SAMC018481 CG12T
SAMC018480 CG11T
SAMC018479 CG10T
SAMC018478 CG09T
SAMC018477 CG08T
SAMC018476 CG07T
SAMC018475 CG06T
SAMC018474 CG05T
SAMC018473 CG04T
SAMC018472 CG03T
SAMC018471 CG02T
SAMC018470 CG01T
GSA (1) -
CRA000626 Chinese CRC