Accession PRJCA000491
Title Study on proliferation rate reduction in 2n+x yeast
Relevance Model organism
Data types Whole genome sequencing
Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Description We generated forty 2n+x yeast strains and took advantages of high throughput sequencing technologies to obtain the genomic and transcriptome data of these cells. With these data the proliferation rate variations among these cells were systematically investigated.
Sample scope Multiisolate
Release date 2019-02-24
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
31351919 Overdosage of balanced protein complexes reduces proliferation rate in aneuploid cells Cell Systems 10.1016/j.cels.2019.06.007 2019
Submitter Ying    Chen  (
Organization Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Submission date 2017-07-14

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (104) -
SAMC015006 1-D
SAMC015005 1-C
SAMC015004 1-B
SAMC015003 1-A
SAMC015001 2n+x yeast DNA
SAMC063797 Homo-Diploid2
SAMC063796 Homo-Diploid1
SAMC063795 Homo-D13
SAMC063794 Homo-C13
SAMC063793 Homo-B13
SAMC063792 Homo-A13
SAMC063791 Homo-D12
SAMC063790 Homo-C12
SAMC063789 Homo-B12
SAMC063788 Homo-A12
SAMC063787 Homo-D11
SAMC063786 Homo-C11
SAMC063785 Homo-B11
SAMC063784 Homo-A11
SAMC063783 Homo-D10
SAMC063782 Homo-C10
SAMC063781 Homo-B10
SAMC063780 Homo-A10
SAMC063779 Homo-D9
SAMC063778 Homo-C9
SAMC063777 Homo-B9
SAMC063776 Homo-A9
SAMC063775 Homo-D8
SAMC063774 Homo-C8
SAMC063773 Homo-B8
SAMC063772 Homo-A8
SAMC063771 Homo-D7
SAMC063770 Homo-C7
SAMC063769 Homo-B7
SAMC063768 Homo-A7
SAMC063767 Homo-D6
SAMC063766 Homo-C6
SAMC063765 Homo-B6
SAMC063764 Homo-A6
SAMC063763 Homo-D5
SAMC063762 Homo-C5
SAMC063761 Homo-B5
SAMC063760 Homo-A5
SAMC063759 Homo-D4
SAMC063758 Homo-C4
SAMC063757 Homo-B4
SAMC063756 Homo-A4
SAMC063755 Homo-D3
SAMC063754 Homo-C3
SAMC063753 Homo-B3
SAMC063752 Homo-A3
SAMC063751 Homo-D2
SAMC063750 Homo-C2
SAMC063749 Homo-B2
SAMC063748 Homo-A2
SAMC063747 Homo-D1
SAMC063746 Homo-C1
SAMC063745 Homo-B1
SAMC063744 Homo-A1
SAMC016663 Diploid
SAMC016662 UWOPS05-217.3
SAMC016661 Y12
SAMC016660 NCYC110
SAMC016659 M22
SAMC016658 10-D
SAMC016657 10-C
SAMC016656 10-B
SAMC016655 10-A
SAMC016654 9-D
SAMC016653 9-C
SAMC016652 9-B
SAMC016651 9-A
SAMC016650 8-D
SAMC016649 8-C
SAMC016648 8-B
SAMC016647 8-A
SAMC016646 7-D
SAMC016645 7-C
SAMC016644 7-B
SAMC016643 7-A
SAMC016642 6-D
SAMC016641 6-C
SAMC016640 6-B
SAMC016638 5-D
SAMC016637 5-C
SAMC016636 5-B
SAMC016635 5-A
SAMC016634 4-D
SAMC016633 4-C
SAMC016632 4-B
SAMC016631 4-A
SAMC016630 3-D
SAMC016629 3-C
SAMC016628 3-B
SAMC016627 3-A
SAMC016626 2-D
SAMC016625 2-C
SAMC016624 2-B
SAMC016623 2-A
SAMC016622 1-D
SAMC016621 1-C
SAMC016620 1-B
SAMC016619 1-A
SAMC016639 6-A
GSA (1) -
CRA000490 2n+x aneuploid yeast