mrMLM v4.0+ Multi-Locus Random-SNP-Effect Mixed Linear Model Tools for Genome-Wide Association Study

This is the updated versions of both mrMLM v4.0 and mrMLM.GUI v4.0. This updated contents are that only one Manhattan plot and only one QQ plot are outputed. In the Manhattan and QQ plots, the median of the -log10(P) values for each marker, from the mrMLM, FASTmrMLM and FASTmrEMMA approaches, is used to draw the Manhattan and QQ plots. In the Manhattan plot, these dots are indicated by light colors; all the QTNs commonly identified by multiple approaches are indicated by the pink dots with dotted vertical lines and all the QTNs identified by one single approach are indicated by the light color dots with dotted vertical lines. If users want to draw the Manhattan plot and previously reported and new predicted genes are marked in this plot, we also provide the R code for this plot.

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