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 Welcome to Aging Atlas

Protein-protein Interaction database

The proteomics datasets module focuses on datasets that reflect physical protein associations and helps to build protein-protein interaction networks.

 Welcome to Aging Atlas

Geroprotective Compounds database

The pharmacogenomics module focuses on geroprotectors. Currently, the module has a list of hundreds of compounds and contains omics datasets from drug therapy analysis (both in vivo and in vitro), revealing changes in gene regulation and expression caused by the supplementation of specific lifespan/healthspan-extending drugs.

Welcome to Aging Atlas

Aging Atlas aims to compile large gene expression and regulation datasets created by a range of high-throughput omics technologies and serve as a valuable resource for a range of life science researchers. The current implementation includes five modules: RNA sequencing, epigenomic regulation, single-cell sequencing, protein interactions, and geroprotective compounds. Aging Atlas provides user-friendly functionalities to explore age-related changes in gene expression and provides download services for raw multi-omics data from aging-related research.

Gene of the month

Gene name: SIRT6

Gene ID: Homo sapiens 51548;
Mus musculus 50721;
Rattus norvegicus 299638;
Macaca fascicularis 102141535.

Aliases: Sirtuin;
NAD-Dependent Protein Deacetylase Sirtuin;
Regulatory Protein SIR2 Homolog;
SIR2-Like Protein;

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  • The Aging Atlas version 1 was released. (2020-06-28)

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