Genomics & Bioinformatics Training (GBT) is organized by Beijing Institutes of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. GBT features involving a number of senior and experienced scientists as trainers and providing genomics & bioinformatics courses for researchers and biomedical professionals at postgraduate level and above.Since the first GBT in 2008, more than 830 persons have been participated in this training and most of them are young researchers or postgraduates from the field of biology, medicine, agriculture, and forestry.

Training Courses

Training Events in 2016

Note: Each course enrolls only 70 participants to ensure the quality of training, which is subjected to the registration order (first come first serve). The training course will introduce a flexible "personalized" curriculum for the majority of researchers if you can not learn a lesson because of meetings, travelling or other reasons and we will keep your learning qualifications, so that you can choose the suitable time to follow the training schedule to catch up the missing courses.

Past Events