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Total 60499 record(s) from Methbank SRMs

gene: Mus_musculus: Trps1 - ENSMUSG00000038679
basicInfo: trichorhinophalangeal syndrome I (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Rp9 - ENSMUSG00000032239
basicInfo: retinitis pigmentosa 9 (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Fra10ac1 - ENSMUSG00000054237
basicInfo: FRA10AC1 homolog (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Nhs - ENSMUSG00000059493
basicInfo: Nance-Horan syndrome (human)
gene: Danio_rerio: opa1 - ENSDARG00000070801
basicInfo: optic atrophy 1 (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Rp1 - ENSMUSG00000025900
basicInfo: retinitis pigmentosa 1 (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Ndp - ENSMUSG00000040138
basicInfo: Norrie disease (pseudoglioma) (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Wrn - ENSMUSG00000031583
basicInfo: Werner syndrome homolog (human)
gene: Danio_rerio: opa1 - ENSDARG00000044329
basicInfo: optic atrophy 1 (human)
gene: Mus_musculus: Cirh1a - ENSMUSG00000041438
basicInfo: cirrhosis, autosomal recessive 1A (human)