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BioProject: PRJCA001171 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA001171
  • Title: PRJCA001171 Information
  • Description: To Explore the genetic mechanisms of human facial morphology, Several variants for about 700 Uyghur individuals were genotyped on Illumina Infinium Global Screening Array 650K. At the same time, various of facial phenotypes were derived from all sample.
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA001171; The candidate gene analysis for human facial morphology in Eurasian population; Variation; Human genetic

BioProject: PRJCA000229 Information

BioProject: PRJCA000248 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000248
  • Title: PRJCA000248 Information
  • Description: We performed whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) for 57 blastocysts and 29 trophectoderm samples with different morphological grades during assisted reproductive technology(ART) practices.
  • Samples: SAMC047402 SAMC044702 SAMC044701 SAMC018834 SAMC017372 SAMC017371 more
  • GSAs: CRA000114 CRA001056
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000248; Human Blastocyst Methylome; Epigenomics; Medical

BioProject: PRJCA000453 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000453
  • Title: PRJCA000453 Information
  • Description: Exome chip data of human ESCC cases and controls
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000453; Exome chip; Variation; Medical

BioProject: PRJCA000125 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000125
  • Title: PRJCA000125 Information
  • Description: Tree Shrew Glioblastoma Model Recapitulates Features of Human Glioblastoma
  • Samples: SAMC000383
  • GSAs: CRA000021
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000125; RNA-seq of tree shrew tumors; Transcriptome or Gene expression; Model organism

BioProject: PRJCA000216 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000216
  • Title: PRJCA000216 Information
  • Description: Sequenced mitochondrial genome for different tissue of human in order to find the hetero genotype
  • Samples: SAMC004504
  • GSAs: CRA000090
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000216; Human mitochondrial genome sequence project; Whole genome sequencing; Medical

BioProject: PRJCA000273 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000273
  • Title: PRJCA000273 Information
  • Description: PAR-CLIP sequencing for YTHDF1 and YTHDF3 in human HeLa cells
  • Samples: SAMC007190 SAMC007189
  • GSAs: CRA000133
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000273; PAR-CLIP-seq of m6A readers; Transcriptome or Gene expression; Model organism

BioProject: PRJCA000484 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000484
  • Title: PRJCA000484 Information
  • Description: chromatin accessibility landscape by characterizing DNase I hypersensitive sites (DHSs) in human embryos
  • Samples: SAMC017364 SAMC017363 SAMC017362 SAMC017361 SAMC017360 SAMC017359 more
  • GSAs: CRA000297
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000484; The Establishment of Chromatin Accessibility Landscape during Human Early Embryogenesis; Whole genome sequencing Epigenomics Raw sequence reads; Model organism

BioProject: PRJCA001154 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA001154
  • Title: PRJCA001154 Information
  • Description: CD4 & CD8 positive T cells from one human hepatocellular carcinoma patient
  • Samples: SAMC050968
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA001154; HCC CD4/CD8+ T Cells; Transcriptome or Gene expression; Medical

BioProject: PRJCA000863 Information

  • Accession: PRJCA000863
  • Title: PRJCA000863 Information
  • Description: Whole genome bisulphite sequencing of 13 human cancer samples and 9 normal controls.
  • Samples: SAMC047319 SAMC047318 SAMC047317 SAMC047316
  • BasicInfo : PRJCA000863; Genome-wide profiling of the functional DNA methylation landscape at base-pair resolution in human cancer types [BS-seq]; Epigenomics; Medical