BIG Search

BIG Search is a scalable text search engine built based on ElasticSearch (a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene). It features cross-domain search and facilitates users to gain access to a wide range of biomedical data, not only from BIGD databases but also partner databases throughout the world.

e.g., PRJCA000126;SAMC000385;tp53;EGFR; human; KaKs_Calculator; GenBank

All databases: 83

tool: SNP discovery Pipeline Haplotype Analysis GenBank submissions

  • title: SNP discovery Pipeline Haplotype Analysis GenBank submissions
  • basicInfo: Analysis) and GenBank (-dbSNP) submissions. This tool was applied for analyzing sequence traces from... throughput SNP discovery, identification of common haplotypes within an amplicon, and GenBank (dbSNP

tool: BioPerl

  • basicInfo: extracting key annotation details from a GenBank sequence record.

tool: EST-PAGE

  • basicInfo: management, GenBank submission, process control and data retrieval from a unified web interface that

tool: Do-It-Yourself Annotator

  • basicInfo: shotgun sequencing, and produce an annotated sequence in Genbank file format as output

tool: DNAPlotter

  • basicInfo: sequence files (EMBL, GenBank, GFF) as well as data from relational databases, it filters features of

tool: Prokaryotic Repeats Annotation Program

  • basicInfo: their protein functions. However, <30% of the prokaryotic genomes submitted to GenBank contain partial...)/GenBank feature table format for reading and displaying in Artemis, where it can be combined or

tool: ISQuest

  • basicInfo: in GenBank and were capable of detecting 82% of the ISs and transposases annotated in GenBank with 80% sequence

tool: MultiGeneBlast

  • basicInfo: applications to generate search databases from GenBank or from the user's own sequence data. Finally, an

tool: BioRuby

  • basicInfo: and public web services, including BLAST, KEGG, GenBank, MEDLINE and GO. BioRuby comes with a

tool: Circleator

  • basicInfo: gene annotation and DNA sequence data from a GenBank flat file, (ii) displaying patterns of gene