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Database: GenBank

  • Short name: GenBank
  • title: GenBank
  • Description: GenBank is a comprehensive database that contains publicly available DNA sequences for more than
  • Full name: GenBank
  • URL:

Database: DBG2I

  • Categories: GenBank
  • Description: Database for bacterial group II introns provides a catalogue of full-length,non-redundant group II introns present in bacterial DNA sequences in GenBank.

Database: ITS2 Database

  • Description: ITS2 Database holds information about sequence, structure and taxonomic classification of all ITS2 in GenBank.

Database: PlantTA

  • Description: PlantTA uses expressed sequences collected from the NCBI GenBank Nucleotide database for the construction of transcript assemblies.

Database: MamPol

  • Description: MamPol is a website containing all the well-annotated polymorphic sequences available in GenBank

Database: TGI

  • Description: publicly available expressed sequence tags (EST) and known gene sequence data stored in GenBank for each target species.

Database: BIOZON

  • Description: protein structures, 150?000 interactions and more from sources such as GenBank, UniProt, Protein Data Bank (PDB) and BIND.

Database: PoMaMo

  • Description: GenBank ( or SGN (Solanaceae Genomics Network,, etc.