BIG Search

BIG Search is a scalable text search engine built based on ElasticSearch (a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene). It features cross-domain search and facilitates users to gain access to a wide range of biomedical data, not only from BIGD databases but also partner databases throughout the world.

e.g., PRJCA000126;SAMC000385;tp53;EGFR; human; KaKs_Calculator; GenBank

Total: 4654983

BIGD People 1 BIG Data Center in Beijing Institute of Genomics
Database Commons 682 Database Commons is a curated catalogue of biological databases, providing people with easy access to a comprehensive collection of publicly available biological databases encompassing different data types and spanning diverse organisms.
Gene Expression Nebulas 19446 Gene Expression Nebulas (GEN) is a data portal of gene expression profiles under various conditions derived entirely from RNA-Seq data analysis in multiple species.
SEGreg 53156 Database of specifically expressed genes and regulation
BioCode 641 Archive Bioinformatics Codes for Open Source Projects
BioProject 70 Biological Project Library
BioSample 14222 Biological Sample Library
CGDB 6 Circadian Gene Database
DEG 17132 Database of Essential Genes
DoriC 1 Database of Replication Origins
GSA 619 Genome Sequence Archive
GVM 60088 Genome Variation Map
hTFtarget 13 In this hTFtarget database, we collected comprehensive human TF ChIP-Seq data and customized an analysis workflow to identify reliable TF targets with taking epigenomic states into account
GSA for Human 2 Genome Sequence Archive for Human
iUUCD 2 integrated annotations for Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like Conjugation Database
lncRNASNP2 4443771
MethBank 45007 A database that integrates genome-wide DNA methylomes across a variety of species and provides an interactive browser for visualization of high-resolution DNA methylation data.
RhesusBase Genes 124