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Branch of Animal & Plant Omics Databank (APOD)

Branch of Precision Medicine Omics Databank (PMOD)


Graduate Students

Former Members

Name Previous Position Current Position
Shixiang SunPhD & MS student (2011-2017)Postdoc, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2017-)
Hongyan YinPhD & MS student (2011-2017)Postdoc, Hainan University (2017-)
Lihua CaoResearch Assistant (2010-2016)Genome Wisdom Inc. (2016-)
Siqi LiuResearch Assistant (2012-2014)PhD Student, University of Pittsburgh (2014-)
Gang WuAssistant Research Scientist (2012-2014)Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania (2014-2015), University of Cincinnati (2015-)
Hao WuAssistant Research Scientist (2012-2014)Postdoc, University of Gothenburg (2014-)
Dawei HuangAssistant Research Scientist (2012-2014)Engineer, Dabeinong Biology Technology Center (2014-)