Age Predictor

Age predictor is a online tool to calculate DNA methylation age of human blood. It has high accuracy (average absolute difference between predicted age and chronological age is around 3 years) and supports various types of data (raw data, processed data, GEO sample ID). Although the first version can only predict human blood DNA methylation age, it will support more tissues and srmSpecies in the future.


IDMP is a tool to identify the differently methylated promoters between two samples. Fisher exact test and false discovery rate (FDR) correction are used in IDMP. The IDMP software package is freely available from our ftp site:


BS-RNA is an efficient, specialized and highly automated mapping as well as annotation tool for RNA bisulfite sequencing data. The annotation result of BS-RNA is exported in BED (.bed) format, including locations, sequence context types (CG/CHG/CHH, H = A, T, or C), reference sequencing depths, cytosine sequencing depths, and methylation levels of covered cytosine sites on both Watson and Crick strands. It is freely available from the website:


WBSA (Web Service for Bisulfite Sequencing Data Analysis) is a convenient, stable, and efficient web service to analyze bisulfate sequencing data. WBSA comprises three main modules: WGBS data analysis, RRBS data analysis, and differentially methylated region (DMR) identification. The WGBS and RRBS modules execute read mapping, methylation site identification, annotation, and advanced analysis, whereas the DMR module identifies actual DMRs and annotates their correlations to genes. It could be accessed via