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MethBank is a database that integrates whole-genome single-base nucleotide methylomes and provides an interactive browser for visualization of high-resolution DNA methylation data. Here we present an updated implementation of MethBank (http://bigd.big.ac.cn/methbank; Version 2.0) by incorporating high-quality whole-genome bisulfite sequencing methylome maps for five economically important crops (Oryza sativa, Glycine max, Manihot esculenta, Phaseolus vulgaris and Solanum lycopersicum) as well as two model animals (Danio rerio and Mus musculus). Specifically, we collected a large number of methylomes for these species (those are publicly available till May 2016), then excluded low-quality methylomes by primarily considering genome coverage and bisulfite conversion rate, and consequently obtained 90 high-quality methylomes (42 for Oryza sativa, 21 for Glycine max, 1 for Manihot esculenta, 1 for Phaseolus vulgaris, 7 for Solanum lycopersicum, 9 for Danio rerio, and 9 for Mus musculus).

In this updated version, MethBank features genome-wide profiling of methylation distributions across chromosomes, identification of differentially methylated promoters (DMPs) between a range of conditions, and visualization of methylation levels for genes, regions and CpG Islands across multiple different samples. In addition, MethBank incorporates new functionalities to browse and query the data. It provides genome-wide methylation overview and users can retrieve gene methylation profiles and regional methylation levels across all collected samples. MethBank is also equipped with more friendly and intuitive web interfaces to facilitate search of methylation levels for any given gene that is related to DMP or highly methylated CpG islands. Moreover, all related data and processed results are publicly available at http://bigd.big.ac.cn/methbank/downloads. As one of important database resources in BIG Data Center, MethBank will be continuously upgraded and ongoing developments are integration of more high-quality single-base nucleotide methylomes from a wide range of species, with the aim to serve as an important resource for epigenetic studies throughout the world.

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