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All related data and processed results are publicly available for download.

Consensus Reference Methylomes (CRMs)

Tissue/cell Methylomes (WIG) Reference Methylomes Gene methylation profiles
Breast 2.4MB 8.5MB 1.2MB
Colon 2.4MB 8.5MB 1.2MB
Kidney 2.3MB 8.4MB 1.2MB
Liver 2.4MB 8.5MB 1.2MB
Lung 2.3MB 8.4MB 1.2MB
Peripheral Blood (PB) 104.2MB 273.3MB 40.8MB
Prostate 5.0MB 14.7MB 1.5MB
Saliva 5.2MB 15.5MB 1.5MB
Skin 5.0MB 14.8MB 1.5MB
Thyroid 2.3MB 8.5MB 1.2MB

Single-base Resolution Methylomes (SRMs)

Species Tissue Methylomes (WIG, BED) Gene methylation profiles Differentially Methylated Promoters (DMPs) Methylated CpG islands (mCpGIs) and related genes
Homo sapiens 26 120.0GB 288.1GB 220.2MB - 25.0MB
Danio rerio 9 875.9MB 1.8GB 12.0MB 308.0KB 4.3MB
Mus musculus 9 878.2MB 1.7GB 12.0MB 4.7MB 492.0KB
Oryza sativa 7 134.5GB 214.0GB 163.0MB 2.0MB 20MB
Glycine max 18 172.6GB 281.1GB 122.0MB 4.1MB 1.6MB
Manihot esculenta 1 6.0GB 10.0GB 5.2MB - 204.0KB
Phaseolus vulgaris 1 4.0GB 6.3GB 2.4MB - 140KB
Solanum lycopersicum 2 55.4GB 85.6GB 26.0MB 2.4MB 1.7MB