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The Methylation Bank (MethBank) is the first database covering both DNA and RNA methylation data. It features integration of six sub-databases, including three genome-wide methylation databases for human, animals and plants, denoted as MethBank-Human, MethBank-Animal and MethBank-Plant, respectively, and three knowledgebases for different methylation types, denoted as MethBank-6mdA, MethBank-5mrC and MethBank-5hmrC, respectively. Moreover, MethBank provides visualizations for genome-wide single base resolution methylomes and offers three analysis tools (viz., WBSA, IDMP, and BS-RNA) for bisulfite sequencing data of DNA and RNA. As one of core database resources in BIG Data Center, MethBank will be continuously upgraded with the aim to serve as an important resource for epigenetic studies throughout the world.

Release Notes

  • MethBank v3.0 is publicly accessible. [March 2017]
  • MethBank-human is publicly accessible. [February 2017]
  • MethBank-5mrC and MethBank-5hmrC knowledge dates are publicly accessible. [December 2016]
  • MethBank-6mdA knowledge date is publicly accessible. [October 2016]
  • MethBank v2.0 is publicly accessible. [May 2016]
  • Differentially methylated promoters (DMP) between two compared samples are available. [April 2016]
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Mapping and annotation tool for RNA bisulfite sequencing data


Web service for Bisulfite Sequencing data Analysis


Identify the Differently Methylated Promoters between any two compared samples

Age predictor

Age predictor is a online tool to calculate DNA methylation age of human blood.


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