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iSheep Data

Description Format Download File Size
HD SNP BeadChip of 911 sheeps VCF 600K-all.vcf 2.1G
Ovine SNP50K BeadChip of 1512 sheeps VCF 50K-all.vcf 297M
Variantion profiles of of 355 sheeps(INDELs) VCF 355_WGS_INDEL 17G
Variantion profiles of of 355 sheeps(SNPs) VCF 355_WGS_SNP 89G

Related reference and annotation

Name Species File Data Download
Oar_v4.0 Ovis aries(sheep) Reference ,Annotation 2015-11-20 GCF_000298735.2_Oar_v4.0
Oar_rambouillet_v1.0 Ovis aries(sheep) Reference ,Annotation 2017-02-11 GCF_002742125.1_Oar_rambouillet_v1.0
ASM1117029v1 Ovis aries(sheep) Reference 2020-11-03 GCA_011170295.1_ASM1117029v1
Oori1 Ovis aries musimon(mouflon) Reference ,Annotation 2014-07-15 GCF_000765115.1_Oori1
O_ammon_KGZ_v1.0 Ovis ammon (argali) Reference 2018-05-11 GCA_003121645.1_O_ammon_KGZ_v1.0
AGL Ovis ammon (argali) Reference 2019-06-24 GCA_006410595.1_AGL
CAU_Oori_1.0 Ovis orientalis (Asiatic mouflon) Reference 2020-09-10 GCA_014523465.1_CAU_Oori_1.0
OviCan_v1_BIUU Ovis canadensis (bighorn sheep) Reference 2019-01-16 GCA_004026945.1_OviCan_v1_BIUU
OvNiv1.0 Ovis nivicola lydekkeri (snow sheep) Reference 2020-06-16 GCA_903231385.1_OvNiv1.0
ASM103953v1 Ovis canadensis canadensis (bighorn sheep) Reference 2015-06-25 GCA_001039535.1_ASM103953v1