iSheepa curated database of sheep variation and phenotype


1. Gene Query

Gene Query Form allows user to view gene queries, such as Gene name, Gene Syboml, Gene position, Gene strand and Gene type.

2. Sheep Variation Database

Sheep Variation Database (SheepVD) is a data container for the variation information of Sheep genomes. In the current version, SheepVD contains XXX million non-redundant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and XXX small insertions and deletions (Indel).

  • Browse SNP data
    • Reference Variation list
    • Variation detail information
  • Individual Information
3. Sheep Breed Database

Sheep Breed Database (SheepBD) collects breed information from public resources. SheepBD provides two categories to browse the data: Breed Name and Breed Country.

  • Browse Breed data
    • Breed Name
    • Breed Country
    • Detail information of breed
4. Compared individuals search

Users can view SNP information of two or more individuals by choosing "Show SNP information by individuals comparisons" in the search page. Users can set several filters, including location in chromosome, SNP class (mainly SNP), SNP location in gene region and genotype.