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  • image:	Akbash Dog

    Akbash Dog

    iDog Breed Number:  CB263
    Web Source Name:  Akbash Dog  from UKC
    21 associated diseases
  • image:	American Bulldog

    American Bulldog

    iDog Breed Number:  CB264
    Web Source Name:  American Bulldog  from UKC
    3 associated diseases
  • image:	American Pit Bull Terrier

    American Pit Bull Terrier

    iDog Breed Number:  CB265
    Web Source Name:  American Pit Bull Terrier  from UKC
    8 associated diseases
  • image:	Large Munsterlander

    Large Munsterlander

    iDog Breed Number:  CB267
    Web Source Name:  Large Munsterlander  from UKC
    1 associated disease
  • image:	Aidi (Atlas Mountain Dog)

    Aidi (Atlas Mountain Dog)

    iDog Breed Number:  CB299
    Web Source Name:  Aidi (Atlas Mountain Dog)  from UKC
    Common Name:  Kabyle Dog
  • image:	Alaskan Klee Kai

    Alaskan Klee Kai

    iDog Breed Number:  CB300
    Web Source Name:  Alaskan Klee Kai  from UKC
  • image:	Alpine Drachsbracke

    Alpine Drachsbracke

    iDog Breed Number:  CB301
    Web Source Name:  Alpine Drachsbracke  from UKC
  • image:	American Bully

    American Bully

    iDog Breed Number:  CB302
    Web Source Name:  American Bully  from UKC
  • image:	Anglo-Francais de Petite Venerie

    Anglo-Francais de Petite Venerie

    iDog Breed Number:  CB303
    Web Source Name:  Anglo-Francais de Petite Venerie  from UKC
  • image:	Ariegeois


    iDog Breed Number:  CB304
    Web Source Name:  Ariegeois  from UKC
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