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  • image:	Australian Kelpie

    Australian Kelpie

    iDog Breed Number:  CB266
    Web Source Name:  Australian Kelpie  from CKC
    Common Name:  Farmer Dog
    4 associated diseases
  • image:	Miniature Poodle

    Miniature Poodle

    iDog Breed Number:  CB268
    Web Source Name:  Miniature Poodle  from CKC
    63 associated diseases
  • image:	Standard Poodle

    Standard Poodle

    iDog Breed Number:  CB269
    Web Source Name:  Standard Poodle  from CKC
    45 associated diseases
  • image:	Toy Poodle

    Toy Poodle

    iDog Breed Number:  CB270
    Web Source Name:  Toy Poodle  from CKC
    60 associated diseases
  • image:	Toy Manchester Terrier

    Toy Manchester Terrier

    iDog Breed Number:  CB271
    Web Source Name:  Toy Manchester Terrier  from CKC
    6 associated diseases
  • image:	American Cocker Spaniel

    American Cocker Spaniel

    iDog Breed Number:  CB272
    Web Source Name:  American Cocker Spaniel  from CKC
  • image:	Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

    Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

    iDog Breed Number:  CB273
    Web Source Name:  Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog  from CKC
    Common Name:  Stumpy;Stumpy[-]Tail;Heeler
  • image:	Blue Picardy Spaniel

    Blue Picardy Spaniel

    iDog Breed Number:  CB274
    Web Source Name:  Blue Picardy Spaniel  from CKC
    Common Name:  Bleu Picard
  • image:	Braque d’Auvergne

    Braque d’Auvergne

    iDog Breed Number:  CB275
    Web Source Name:  Braque d’Auvergne  from CKC
  • image:	Canadian Eskimo Dog

    Canadian Eskimo Dog

    iDog Breed Number:  CB276
    Web Source Name:  Canadian Eskimo Dog  from CKC
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