Scientific Name Asparagus officinalis
Common Name Garden asparagus
Taxonomy ID 4686
Lineage cellular organisms > Viridiplantae > Streptophyta > Streptophytina > Embryophyta > Tracheophyta > Euphyllophyta > Spermatophyta > Magnoliophyta > Mesangiospermae > Liliopsida > Petrosaviidae > Asparagales > Asparagaceae > Asparagoideae > Asparagus
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Representative Assembly Aspof.V1 GCF_001876935.1 DNA GFF RNA Protein

Asparagus officinalis is a highly desired food that also exhibits characteristics that are intrinsically interesting scientifically. A. officinalis is a non-Poaceae monocotyledon plant. Also A. officinalis is dioecious with various agronomic traits showing sex-linked differences. In order to study the basis of gender in plants a genetic map is necessary.