Scientific Name Arabis alpina
Common Name Alpine rockcress; Gray rockcress
Taxonomy ID 50452
Lineage cellular organisms > Viridiplantae > Streptophyta > Streptophytina > Embryophyta > Tracheophyta > Euphyllophyta > Spermatophyta > Magnoliophyta > Mesangiospermae > eudicotyledons > Gunneridae > Pentapetalae > rosids > malvids > Brassicales > Brassicaceae > Arabideae > Arabis
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Representative Assembly MPIPZ.v5 GCA_900128785.1 DNA

The alpine plant Arabis alpina is an emerging model in the ecological genomic field which is well suited to identifying the genes involved in local adaptation in contrasted environmental conditions, a subject which remains poorly understood at molecular level.