Scientific Name Citrus maxima
Common Name Pomelo; Pummelo; Buntan; Yu; Shaddock
Taxonomy ID 37334
Lineage cellular organisms > Viridiplantae > Streptophyta > Streptophytina > Embryophyta > Tracheophyta > Euphyllophyta > Spermatophyta > Magnoliophyta > Mesangiospermae > eudicotyledons > Gunneridae > Pentapetalae > rosids > malvids > Sapindales > Rutaceae > Aurantioideae > Citrus
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Representative Assembly ASM200692v1 GCA_002006925.1 DNA

Citrus maxima, pomelo, is a citrus that is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. It readily hybridizes with other citrus: the grapefruit is a hybrid of pomelo and orange, the tangelo is a hybrid of pomelo and tangerine. Pomelo is the recurrent parent in a BC1 mapping population developed as a resource to map quantitative trait loci affecting cold-tolerance and salt-tolerance in citrus.